Can You Be Drawn To The Love Of God?

Across the Middle East, shutdowns plague the economy and force ministries to rethink how they engage. Job losses force many to make hard decisions that they likely otherwise would not have made. 

One thing is crystal clear to many Christian ministries: people need to feel love.  

Miriam* is someone special to God, and needed the love of Christ. Miriam grew up in a Christian home in Nazareth; however, during her early adult life, she embraced communist ideals and became a devoted communist. 

Sarah*, a member of a partner church sponsored by The Joshua Fund, contacted Miriam’s mother after a family member visited a church service. Sarah began to frequently stop by Miriam’s home to minister to her, pray, and to deliver food as needed. 

Miriam witnessed the love of the church and felt drawn to the love of God. She started asking questions about Jesus and God’s Word because she was very skeptical of religion and faith. However, because Miriam saw the love of Jesus in action, she was moved. Soon, she started attending church services and gave her life to Jesus. Hallelujah!

Soon tragedy struck when Miriam’s mother died suddenly. Miriam had a crisis of faith, and she left the church. 

Church members reached out to support Miriam during this time through prayer and regular visits and to show God’s unconditional love despite the circumstances and sadness. 

Sarah kept in touch and would regularly take Miriam food, pray for her over the phone, and visit her at home to support her.

One day, Sarah received a phone call from Miriam. She wanted to thank her for the love and care that she had shown her. Miriam also mentioned that she had started tuning into online church services. One service touched her so profoundly it even left her in tears. She felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Sarah asked if she wanted to pray, Miriam agreed. At that moment, Miriam rededicated her life to Christ. Then she once again began attending prayer meetings and church services.

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*Some images are only provided to represent the culture and regions served. Names have been changed to protect identities.

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