Would you like to be more involved in the work the Lord is doing through The Joshua Fund to bless Israel and her Neighbors in the name of Jesus according to Genesis 12:1-3? We like to think of involvement in four categories: Learn, Pray, Give, and Go. Learn about the needs, Pray for the needs, Give to meet the needs, and Go to see the need yourself.

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  • Learn about Israel and the Middle East using the resources we offer below. By learning, you will be part of a growing segment of evangelicals who are knowledgeable about the Spiritual needs and can articulate a strong perspective on our biblical responsibilities to Israel (and her neighbors) as Christians.
  • Learn what scripture teaches about the modern state of Israel through our Timeless Insights Series.
  • Hear from pastors and ministry leaders in the Epicenter about how Biblical prophecy relates and what ministry is currently being done (View Here).
  • Start a small group Bible study among those you know with a focus on Israel and the Middle East.

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  • Pray for the bold advancement of the Gospel in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Gaza, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.
  • Pray for the strength of the local body of believers in the region: that they would be equipped in the Word, filled with the Holy Spirit, and resourced to accomplish all the ministry the Lord is opening before them.
  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), for Israel's leaders, for the surrounding nations and their leaders.
  • ​Pray for both Jewish and Arab believers in the land, that they truly prosper in their faith, and that they bear much lasting fruit.


  • Donate regularly to The Joshua Fund.
  • Share The Joshua Fund with your church, your pastor, mission board, and congregation.
  • Stay informed about the types of ministries that The Joshua Fund invests in, find those that are close to your heart, and promote them among family, friends, and colleagues via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  • Come to Israel with one of the tours The Joshua Fund organizes.
  • Take opportunities to reach out to those who live in your community who are from the Epicenter, with the love of Christ.
  • Do justly, walk humbly, and love mercy, through advocating for oppressed people groups across Israel and her neighbors, as well as in your own community. Speak out against injustice in the name of Jesus.

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Join this Unforgettable Israel Tour with The Joshua Fund and Joel C. Rosenberg

I cordially invite you to join us for The Joshua Fund’s next Tour to Israel. It will be held from November 28 through December 8, 2023.

Mike Huckabee endorses Joel Rosenberg & The Joshua Fund

"One of the unique facets of The Joshua Fund is that it’s been able to get in reach into areas that, quite frankly, the bulk of the evangelical world cannot do. God has shown favor to The Joshua Fund." - Mike Huckabee

What Threatens Religious Freedom in the Middle East?

Joel and Sam Brownback, former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, speak about the pressing matter of religious freedom in Israel and the challenges that lie ahead.