Ways To Be Involved

We like to think of involvement in four categories: Learn, Pray, Give, and Go. Learn about the needs, pray for the needs, donate to meet the needs, and go to see the need yourself.

The Joshua Fund has called us to encourage Christians to serve those in need in the epicenter. There are many ways for you to contribute to the mission of blessing Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus. Even if they seem removed from the "frontlines", the scriptures reassure us that these things are important ways to bless Israel. Below are some ideas about how to contribute.

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  • Learn about Israel and the Middle East. Use the resources we offer, or find your own. By learning, you will be part of a growing segment of evangelicals who are knowledgeable about the issues and can articulate a strong perspective on our biblical responsibilities to Israel (and her neighbors) as Christians.
  • Lead a small group Bible study focused on Israel and the Middle East.
  • Track daily news coverage of Israel and the epicenter through the Jerusalem Post, Ynetnews.com, and Haaretz.com
  • Track the latest developments in the Middle East through the “Daily Alert” e-mails published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Go to www.jcpa.org for more details.
  • Learn more about efforts by Israeli and international politicians to divide Jerusalem—and why this would be such a disaster—by visiting the Web site of Natan Sharansky’s organization, OneJerusalem.org.
  • Read A History of the Jews by renowned historian Paul Johnson.
  • Read the excellent primer, Two Nations Under God: Why You Should Care About Israel by Tom Doyle.


Pray regularly for Israel and her neighbors. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), for Israel's leaders, for her neighbors and their leaders (including Israel's enemies), for both Jewish and Arab believers in the land.

  • Pray daily for the peace of Jerusalem.
  • Pray daily for peace on Israel’s northern borders with Lebanon and Syria.
  • Pray daily for peace on Israel’s southern border with Gaza.
  • Pray that a truly just, fair, and compassionate peace treaty could be forged soon between Israel and the Palestinians. A peace that would not divide the Land, but that would give Palestinians true autonomy to run their own lives, lead their own government, and have full human rights, civil rights, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press, without threatening Israel.
  • Visit our prayer page regularly for requests related to the work The Joshua Fund is doing. View Requests


  • Donate regularly to The Joshua Fund Donate Now
  • Organize a fund-raising event to bless Israel and her neighbors. Idea: collect used toys from your network of friends, then hold a charitable garage sale where all the proceeds will benefit the poor and needy in Israel through The Joshua Fund. Make it a neighborhood project. Other ideas include banquets, car washes, bake sales, golf tournaments, silent auctions, candy sales, etc.
  • Help provide backpacks and new school supplies for needy children in Israel, West Bank, Gaza, Iraq, and other epicenter nations.
  • Provide food, blankets, wheelchairs, and other assistance to Holocaust victims in Israel. Many of these elderly men and women live at or below the poverty level within Israel.
  • Consider investing in Israeli companies on either the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange with the help of qualified, knowledgeable financial advisors.


  • Come to Israel with one of the tours The Joshua Fund organizes. Learn More
  • Make friends with a local rabbi, find ways to bless his synagogue, and discuss ways to bless Israel together.
  • Call into a local talk radio show to defend Israel and the Jewish people when you hear anti-Israel or anti-Semitic comments.