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Through our newsletters, The Joshua Fund seeks to provide resources that will assist you and our friends around the world in learning about God’s love and plan for Israel and her neighbors. Our goal is to encourage you in how powerfully the Lord is moving to bless and care for all the people in the Epicenter. We pray these resources help you to understand the events in the Middle East through a biblical framework and that you will share these resources with friends. If you would like to receive our newsletters, please call 703.860.0166 or email with your request.

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Educational Resources

Video Messages

The library of video messages from our Founder and Chairman, Joel C. Rosenberg and other friends of The Joshua Fund are provided to help you understand the events in the Middle East through a biblical framework. In addition, we seek to address frequently asked questions and to provide resources for your personal Bible study or studies with friends who want to better understand God’s love and plan for Israel and her neighbors.

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Educational Resources

Donor Reports

In the annual Donor Report we share many of the ways your faithful prayer and generous financial support have touched the lives of thousands of Jewish and Arab families in Israel and the surrounding nations in real and practical ways with the love of Jesus Christ. In these reports you will get a sense of the many projects your gifts have helped to fund and to read about how the Lord is changing lives throughout the Middle East with His love and grace. If you would like to receive the most recent Donor Report, please call (703) 860-0166 or email with your request.

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Educational Resources

The Joshua Fund Packet

Do you have a heart to share with your church or group of friends about the work the Lord is doing through The Joshua Fund to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus? We have created The Joshua Fund Packet just for you. The packet includes a DVD with messages from our Founder and Chairman Joel C. Rosenberg as he shares about the purpose and mission of the ministry which was founded in 2006. Other materials included in the Packet are a recent newsletter, a brochure and the most current Donor Report. The Discover Packet is available as a download or you can request a mailed copy by completing the online request form.

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What's New

Join this Unforgettable Israel Tour with The Joshua Fund and Joel C. Rosenberg

I cordially invite you to join us for The Joshua Fund’s next Tour to Israel. It will be held from November 28 through December 8, 2023.

Mike Huckabee endorses Joel Rosenberg & The Joshua Fund

"One of the unique facets of The Joshua Fund is that it’s been able to get in reach into areas that, quite frankly, the bulk of the evangelical world cannot do. God has shown favor to The Joshua Fund." - Mike Huckabee

What Threatens Religious Freedom in the Middle East?

Joel and Sam Brownback, former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, speak about the pressing matter of religious freedom in Israel and the challenges that lie ahead.