The Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund

One Joshua Fund partner decided to immediately help. From picking up debris and shattered glass, to covering windows with plastic, there will be work to be done for many months, with some 300,000 displaced persons.

Despite the need, there is progress. Our partner shared: “On the second day we helped a man clean his home. It was very chaotic. We started cleaning, and he said several times ‘You drew a smile on my face.’ We covered his windows with plastic sheets; he said, ‘If it wasn’t for you, my windows wouldn’t have been fixed until winter.’ One of our teams went to help clean a restaurant and fix the storefront with plastic sheets.

The owner welcomed us and asked if we could help him clean his house as well. Of course, we didn’t turn him down! Arriving at the home we learned he lives alone and was unable to clean up all the shattered glass by himself. As we were cleaning he shared, ‘My brother used to sleep here where all the glass fell. If he didn’t travel a day before the explosion, he would be dead by now.’”

Imagine the realization that your sibling would have been
gone from this earth had the day unfolded differently. It was a blessing to show the love of Christ in this moment.

Thank you! As a partner with the Joshua Fund, you have helped begin the process of restoration. There is much more work to be done, but thanks to generous donors, our ministry partners have been meeting many immediate needs.

Because of this sobering reality, and a desire to be ready should another urgent need arise, we have set up a Rapid Response Fund to provide emergency relief. This fund will allow us to respond in the moment to serve the hurting.

Our motto: “Praying for peace; preparing for pandemonium.”

Donate to the Rapid Response Fund

Our goal is a Rapid Response Fund of $300,000 to help in future times of crisis, chaos, and panic in the Middle East. We want to help immediately when our partners call upon us—whether from terrorism, natural disasters, to support local churches and pastors continuing to serve in times of crisis, or any other emergency. With your help, this fund will be able to meet these needs quickly.

Through your gifts, our Rapid Response Fund will be there to provide for the emergency needs of our partners, and to mobilize the global church to stand with them in prayer.

This Rapid Response Fund will enable us to be prepared to provide critical resources like food, hygiene, security, and other life essentials, through trusted ministry partners.

Thank you in advance for helping us show the love of Christ. Through you, God’s love is being seen and felt in Beirut and other areas in the Middle East.

Millions in the Middle East will face crises at some point. Will you help them with a generous gift today?

Your best gift today will underwrite a massive preparatory effort and fund programs to serve those in need. Any amount will go a long way to help us provide the funds needed to save lives, physically and spiritually.


God bless,Donate to the Rapid Response Fund



Donate to the Rapid Response Fund

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