A Bomb Landed On Amir’s* Home In Syria—His Family Lost Everything

Amir began writing poems of pain describing his family’s anger, sadness, and homesickness. He focused on doing well in school to one day help his family out of their present poverty. 
Amir was open-minded and didn’t mind talking about the contradictions he found in his Islamic faith. While walking through a common market, he found an old, partially damaged Bible on the ground and felt led to purchase it. 

As Amir read the scriptures, there was a sense of peace and love found in the teachings. Shortly following, he met a ministry supported by The Joshua Fund and started attending their worship gatherings. Later he told the staff that he felt conflicted; he was resisting God’s call and felt relieved in hearing the messages preached from the Bible.

Soon after, Amir’s father became ill and could no longer provide for his family’s needs. The loss of income meant Amir would have to stop his education and find employment and forfeit the pursuit of his dreams for the future. This slipping dream broke his heart, and for the first time, Amir prayed to Jesus to heal his father.

And Jesus did. 

When his father’s health improved and he could go back to work, Amir was so affected by this answered prayer that he began praying to Jesus more often and reading the Bible more fervently. His heart was filled with Jesus’s love and peace. 
Now he volunteers with our ministry partner to help others find Jesus. For the first time, he is looking forward to the future because he knows that God has a plan for his life.
Because of your continued prayers and support, his life changed forever – filled with the love and peace that only God can provide.


* Names have been changed to protect identities. Some photos are for illustrative purposes only, to represent cultures and regions served.

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