Esther’s Journey

Esther’s Journey

As the ferry reached the port city, Esther* could still see both her homeland and her new land. Her past and her future. Her very long journey had both ended and begun at the same time. 

Coming from a Muslim background, Esther started a journey in her late teens, passionately searching on the internet for a God that she had been educated about since birth. Her family enforced the religion’s strict rules in their home, leaving her heart completely void. Her months of searching online for answers only increased her emptiness. She abandoned hope of ever really knowing God personally. Perhaps He did not exist?

Then it happened. In a chatroom visit, Esther was directed to a local pastor named Mordi,* who is supported by The Joshua Fund. Esther had so many questions, and Pastor Mordi and his wife joyfully and patiently shared answers from the Word of God. They poured into Esther’s life, taking time to love, minister and walk her through the deep wonderings of her heart. It was now settled. She would follow Jesus and leave behind the religion of her family.

Her new transformation was noticeable to all, including her family. Beaten and abused, she was severely threatened. But her love for Jesus would not allow her to go back. She knew she would lose her family, her schooling and her current identity. 

With that she fled one night to the home of Pastor Mordi. Secretly he and his wife sheltered and cared for her. Eventually Esther returned clandestinely to the internet, where an online romance blossomed with a young Christian man from a neighboring Muslim nation. Pastor Mordi, acting as her father, received this young man for a visit to evaluate if he would be a suitable husband for Esther. And he was. 

Pastor Mordi and his entire family protected and escorted Esther to the shores of the new port city. 

"Esther now has a new husband, new country, new family and a new life in Christ."

Pastor Mordi and his family are living examples of the many pastors and ministry workers The Joshua Fund has the privilege of assisting through your support. These faithful ministers remain in difficult places, sharing the Gospel. Yet, your gifts enable us to offer them some hope and support as they labor in the harvest fields of the Middle East.


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*Names have been changed to protect identities.

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