Levi Meets the Messiah

Levi Meets the Messiah

Levi* is a young Israeli who was raised in a believing family, attending a Messianic congregation. After recently completing his mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Levi participated in a vital discipleship program run by Tikvah – a Joshua Fund partner ministry. Tikvah provides an environment outside of Israel where young adults can grow in their faith and experience the healing and restoration they so often need after serving in the IDF. 

Each year, 200-300 young Israelis from believing families enter the army. During this time, many can grow cold in their relationship with God. Others fall prey to temptation. Still others face such difficult adversities that they question whether they ever had their own personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). The daily questioning and challenges from religious or secular Jewish youth in the IDF only heightens their confusion.
As their IDF service concludes, these young people question their relationship with God. They may struggle with guilt or shame and be reluctant to re-enter the believing community. Unsure where to turn, some wonder if God is simply finished with them. Almost all young Israelis leaving the IDF travel the world to recover from the military experience and to retreat from Israeli society in general. They desperately need relief. At this critical juncture, Levi turned to Tikvah and found just what he needed! 
The Joshua Fund has long been aware of this significant need among the youth in Israel. This summer, we were thrilled to support the first Tikvah session in England. Seven Israeli young people, including Levi, gathered for a six-week discipleship program in a setting that gave them a chance to rest, decompress and bond together. It was a wonderful time of deeply personal ministry – including one-on-one discipleship, encouragement and intimate fellowship. These sessions gave Levi and the others a chance to relax and to explore Scripture in a very loving, relaxed and non-threatening setting.

Levi came to the program with many unanswered questions, unsure of where he stood in his faith.

Over the six weeks, however, many answers became clear to him. By the end of the session and after hearing many testimonies from other visiting pastors and ministry workers, this young man made a personal decision to commit his life to Yeshua and ask him to be his Savior and Lord!

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*Name has been changed to protect his identity.

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