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Hello, this is Carl Moeller, Executive Director of The Joshua Fund. I'm taking a break from recording our Inside the Epicenter with Joel Rosenberg podcast to record this special message; # GivingTuesday is here. And I'd like to ask if you would consider partnering with us by providing a gift to The Joshua Fund.

This year has not been the year we expected. Millions around the world are still struggling with the effects of COVID. And at The Joshua Fund, it's impacted logistics and increased the need. According to a report published by a respected anti-poverty non-governmental organization, over 2 million Israelis suffer from food insecurity and don't have access to adequate quantities of nutritious food. Lebanon and Syria face intense issues with their governments. Israel this year experienced rockets and riots, which inflamed tensions across people groups.

But over this past year, we've experienced unprecedented interest in our educational resources. People all over the world are turning to The Joshua Fund to learn about things like God's heart for Israel and Her Neighbors, the last days, and a coming spiritual revolution. This interest is a tremendous opportunity for us to educate both believers and non-believers alike. At The Joshua Fund, we exist to bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus.

What better way than providing biblically sound teaching. Additionally, one of our projects provides food and humanitarian relief monthly to over 2,400 Israelis and Palestinians. Many needy widows, single mothers, Holocaust survivors, refugees, and others would go without, apart from The Joshua Fund's assistance. This work is critical. Your compassion to serve them and your kindness to love them are an encouragement to all of us. The numerous stories of life change from the last year all serve as a testimony of God's faithfulness through your faithful investment and prayers.

We can't do this apart from your generous gifts. And if we, as the Church, don't fight for these lost souls, if we don't fight for the needy, who will?

Would you please join us by giving a gift of $50 or more as we bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus? May the Lord bless you in your faithfulness!


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