Here To Educate & Mobilize Christians & The Global Church

We exist, in part, to educate & mobilize Christians; those are two core objectives for The Joshua Fund. We inform the global Church through Epicenter Conferences and Briefings, in addition to creating educational videos. To date, educational content on The Joshua Fund's YouTube channel has amassed 6.8 million views. Additionally, through the provision of investment opportunities, Christians mobilize. Over 30 thousand people have joined The Joshua Fund on their mission to bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus.

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Learn about Bible prophecy and how it relates to Israel, Her Neighbors, the Middle East, and our future.

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Through biblical teaching and highlighting other education resources, we've seen soaring growth in biblical education consumption through various media outlets.

Mark 5: 1-20 | Joel C. Rosenberg | The Joshua Fund

Join Joel C. Rosenberg, Founder, and Chairman of The Joshua Fund, as he shares his insights on Mark 5:1-20. This teaching is from the 2018 Epicenter Prayer Summit. Location: Jerusalem, Israel

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Catastrophic and historic hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, terrorism, and nuclear threats. Is God trying to tell us something?

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Bible Prophecy Project: Volume 1

Joel explains the significance of biblical prophecy, why some pastors shy away from teaching prophecy, and how prophecies help to narrow down and identify the true Messiah.

The First 15 Days of the Hamas War on Israel

A chronicle from the diary of Lynn Rosenberg, co-founder of The Joshua Fund, from the first 15 days of the Hamas War on Israel.

Israel in Crisis: The Joshua Fund Responds

We are witnessing the darkest hour in Israel’s modern history. Our team is providing critical aid to families displaced by the terror attacks, including housing, food, hygiene products, and more.