Where Can I Find Teaching On Bible Prophecy?

Joel C. Rosenberg, and other teachers, address Bible prophecy and its implications in our lives. Watch these videos and learn more. For easier navigation, we have created a playlist of Bible prophecy videos for you on YouTube.

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Are Jewish people the chosen ones? Joel examines these existential questions and helps us search for the answers about the birthplace of Jesus, the Jewish faith, and Christianity.

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Joel Rosenberg discusses what Bible Prophecy says about the future of Egypt.

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A chronicle from the diary of Lynn Rosenberg, co-founder of The Joshua Fund, from the first 15 days of the Hamas War on Israel.

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We are witnessing the darkest hour in Israel’s modern history. Our team is providing critical aid to families displaced by the terror attacks, including housing, food, hygiene products, and more.

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Welcome to a special year-end episode of Inside The Epicenter with hosts Joel Rosenberg and Carl Moeller. In today's episode, they examine some of the top episodes that stood out in 2023 and share what impacted our listeners the most.