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What is everlasting love? Are Jewish people the chosen ones? In this episode, we revisit a series of sermons by host Joel Rosenberg. He examines these existential questions and helps us search for the answers about the birthplace of Jesus, the Jewish faith, and Christianity.

We explore the land that is both hated and revered.

The turmoil that has existed in the Middle East is a story about humanity, religion, and faith. It’s the history of a region that has defined humanity. It’s a story about the journey of Jesus and a people who continue to carry on his message.

- [Narrator] Coming up on this episode of "Inside the Epicenter".

- [Joel] You know in Israel there were only 23 or so known Jewish followers of Jesus in 1948 when the country was prophetically reborn. Two dozen people, like those rows, in the whole country of Israel. Today there are more than 15,000 Jewish believers in Jesus. Now in a country of some 6 million Jews, it's not enough, but it's starting to move in the right direction, and it's consistent with Bible prophecy. Ezekiel 37, says in the last days, Israel will be physically restored first, that's the first prophecy, and then the second prophecy is God will start to breathe life into the Jewish people, and that's what we're seeing happen. When I was born in April of 1967, there were maybe 2,000 Jewish followers in Jesus, followers of Jesus on the entire planet, 2,000 in 1967. Today, estimates vary, but somewhere between 2 and 300,000 Jewish believers in Jesus. The curtain is going up. The stage is being set for the return of the Messiah and He doesn't want anyone to perish, He wants to give everyone the chance. And I couldn't be more excited, personally. And I hope that you are too.

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