Ken & Barb Larson Endorse The Joshua Fund


Ken and Barb Larson are great friends of The Joshua Fund!

Ken is the founder of Slumberland Furniture, a leading furnishings retailer with 130 stores in 12 states. He is passionate about Christian ministry and giving back to the community. Barb has led Bible studies for four decades. In addition, she has served as a deacon in her church. Both Ken and Barb count it as a privilege to serve on The Joshua Fund board together.

Together, they seek to impact families and the world. A friend introduced the couple to Joel Rosenberg and The Joshua Fund many years ago, and that moment changed their lives forever.

The Larsons recently spoke at a gathering at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, regarding their ministry passion. It was there Barb shared, “our hearts resonated with all the testimonies and ministries that The Joshua Fund is involved in.” They are excited and eager to share their story with groups of 100 or more and their close friends.

“You probably can tell, we love Israel–we love the Jewish people. We love being here. We love those that are Arab believers. It has been a real thrill to see how effective The Joshua Fund has been in serving so many,” said Ken.

That means a tremendous amount to us as at The Joshua Fund. The Larsons are one beautiful representation of the tens of thousands of donors who have joined with us over the last 15 years to bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus!

“We honestly believe that investing in The Joshua Fund is the most impactful way you can influence the country of Israel and the neighboring countries of any we have found. So we encourage you to take the challenge seriously and begin to support The Joshua Fund.

It is truly ministering to those people and increasing the Kingdom of God.”


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