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The Joshua Fund (TJF) supports many churches, pastors, and gospel workers throughout the Middle East. One TJF supported church in the region recently received this letter from a woman whose life was transformed out of the religion of Islam. Pray for many more souls, just like her, to come to Christ.

“Thank you for proving to me that God can do the impossible at any time. I am a 24-year-old married woman, and I live with my husband. I am Christian in my spirit, soul, and being, but no one knows about it and I can’t let others know lest I be killed. My husband and my whole family are Muslims. 
I used to be, but now I am not because of the truth revealed to me.

I was a veiled Muslim while in University before I was married. One day, one of my Christian colleagues asked me to attend her sister’s wedding at your church. I apologized to her that I can’t enter a church, but an idea came to me to go, watch, and make fun of their unworthy speech. I did, and the minute I stepped in the church a strange feeling enveloped me and I couldn’t make a single laugh! Suddenly, I found my feet taking me to stand in front of a picture of the Crucified Christ. I don’t know why tears streamed down my cheeks. Quickly, I moved into an isolated corner, sat down, and wiped away my tears. All of a sudden and unexpectedly I heard a voice saying to me:

‘Welcome! I have been waiting for you all these years. You are in the right place; don’t leave.’

I tried to see who was talking to me, but I couldn’t see anyone. My heart began beating louder and faster. That night the pastor talked about the love of Christ and that He’s our only way out of sin. I found a copy of the Bible on the church’s bench, and I should admit that I stole it to read when I am alone. I did and I liked it very much and it’s still with me. Since that night, I believed in Christ secretly. My family does not know this. I continued to come to church secretly. 

Thank you for loving me as a church and helping me to know Christ. Please pray the Lord will help me to live for Christ who met me and whom I love.”

This formerly veiled Muslim woman is one living example of the many hearts The Joshua Fund has the privilege of ministering to, through your support. Thank you for being so compassionate and kind. Many faithful ministers remain in difficult places, sharing the Gospel. Yet, your gifts enable us to offer them some hope and support as they labor in the harvest fields of the Middle East.

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*The picture used is for illustrative purposes only to represent culture and regions served.

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