Donate Online: Giving Tuesday 2022 With The Joshua Fund


Worldwide, people will be supporting causes they believe in.

Here at The Joshua Fund, we are thankful for your heart to bless Israel & Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Your support makes an incredible difference in the Epicenter.

This video of Naomi* highlights how Joshua Fund supporters impact precious lives in the region. The Domari people in Jerusalem are just one example of how your giving blesses the overlooked and forgotten.

Our goal is for YOU to be one of 200 families who choose to give on Giving Tuesday! Will you help us reach our goal of 200 families by giving a special gift of $50, $500, or your best gift today?

Your gift helps provide food and humanitarian relief to thousands of needy families in the Epicenter each month. And countless others receive hope and encouragement through the work of our dedicated ministry partners in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt.

Through your giving and The Joshua Fund’s strategic partnerships with vetted local ministries, we are bringing much-needed hope and help to families throughout the Middle East.

Thank you for loving Israel and Her Neighbors and helping us reach our goal this Giving Tuesday, in Jesus’ name.

Give a special gift today.


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Would you give a generous gift of $50 or more on this #GivingTuesday as we work together to bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus?

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