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A Palestinian raised in Gaza, Khalil Sayegh viewed Israel as the enemy for most of his life. When he became a Believer, some of his views changed; some didn’t.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to peace in the region. Deeply-rooted beliefs cause both sides to reduce their convictions to either/or. But have Jewish Believers and Palestinian Christians like Sayegh overcome this obstacle through their shared faith in the Messiah?

Featured on Episode 55 of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg, a diverse panel—including spiritual giant Anne Graham Lotz, Messianic leader Dr. Erez Soref, Sayegh, and others—discuss the challenges of ministry to both the Jewish and Arab people.

Dr. Carl A. Moeller, Executive Director of The Joshua Fund and moderator of the panel, acknowledges the varying backgrounds of the panelists and asks Sayegh, a proud Palestinian, about his view on the idea of blessing Israel according to Genesis 12:1-3. His answer was insightful and, not surprisingly, opposed some other panelists’ beliefs.

Summing up how Believers should put aside “all the other stuff” and focus on Jesus, Graham Lotz shared the story of an Orthodox Jew and Palestinian who came to Christ after she shared the Gospel at an event where they were working.

As friends of The Joshua Fund, the panelists spoke about its unique both/and approach to ministry, which seeks to bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus. Rosenberg notes that while it is a challenging approach that not many organizations serving in the region choose, it is not contradictory.

Panelists also discussed the polarizing reactions they face when sharing the Gospel, the desperate need for genuine discipleship for men and women, and how to disciple others.

In addition to Rosenberg’s expert analysis of geopolitical events in the Epicenter and how they relate to Biblical prophecy, Inside The Epicenter regularly features diverse guests who provide unique insight into what God is doing in Israel and the neighboring countries.

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