Full Episode 035: An Evening With Joel C. Rosenberg at Rockpoint Church | Inside The Epicenter

Joel C. Rosenberg’s career path includes unlikely twists and turns that have placed him in the Oval Office and multiple palaces across the Middle East.

Listen to Joel share his story, including fascinating accounts of meeting with President Trump, King Abdullah II of Jordan, and other influential leaders, with Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, in October 2020.

Joel also gives Biblical teaching and fields questions about God’s plan for the Jewish people, how evangelizing to Jews and Muslims differs, and more.

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Bible Prophecy Project: Volume 1

Joel explains the significance of biblical prophecy, why some pastors shy away from teaching prophecy, and how prophecies help to narrow down and identify the true Messiah.

The First 15 Days of the Hamas War on Israel

A chronicle from the diary of Lynn Rosenberg, co-founder of The Joshua Fund, from the first 15 days of the Hamas War on Israel.

Israel in Crisis: The Joshua Fund Responds

We are witnessing the darkest hour in Israel’s modern history. Our team is providing critical aid to families displaced by the terror attacks, including housing, food, hygiene products, and more.