Is There Hope for the Holy Land? | Inside The Epicenter | Ep. 32

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On the surface, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is about territory. But Justin Kron, founder of The Kesher Forum, digs deeper in his new 2-hour documentary to uncover the complexity of the conflict from both sides and discover if there is hope for the Holy Land.

On episode 32 of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg, co-host Dr. Carl Moeller invites special guest Justin Kron to share his experience of producing a film about one of the most hostile regions in the world.

Kron talks about seeing many people—even Christians he knew—start to believe a one-sided narrative presented in other films and how that motivated him to provide a more balanced perspective for viewers.

The documentary, which follows California surfer Todd Morehead as he speaks with both Israelis and Palestinians in the Epicenter, showcases compelling scenes of opposition and reconciliation that provide deeper insight and understanding about both sides.

He also talks about how Morehead’s surfing, featured in a few scenes, built bridges during filming, the challenges for Christians caught in the middle, and how difficult it is to have unity among believers.

Kron is one of many special guests featured on the podcast in the past year, providing listeners with relevant information and insightful perspective about the Middle East and the Christian faith. Inside The Epicenter is available across all major podcast platforms.

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