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Rockets, riots, & the Biblical book of Revelation are common themes in the podcast Inside the Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg, which started less than a year ago across all major podcast platforms. In less than a year, the New York Times Bestselling Author’s podcast charted in the top 250 on Apple podcasts across many countries for those interested in Christianity or Religion & Spirituality. Additionally, the podcast offers listeners keen insight into Middle East history, geopolitics, and guidance on how the global Church should respond to Israel and the surrounding nations.

In episode 28, Rosenberg, a communications expert, sits down with Pastor Skip Heitzig and addresses some of the top questions Christians have about Israel and end times prophecy.

Rosenberg confidently provides answers based on Biblical passages and his extensive knowledge of the Middle East region’s current geopolitical and socio-economic climate. There he fields questions ranging from “will God judge America by its leaders or its people?” to “how should the Church prepare for the battle of Gog and Magog referenced in Ezekiel 38 and 39?”

Additional topics about the Dome of the Rock, the underground Church in Iran, and potential plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero are also covered.

For anyone eager to learn more about America’s role in end-times prophesy, this podcast provides teaching that will encourage Christians to understand their responsibility to bless the nation of Israel in preparation for the last days.

Further, in episode 28, through expositional stories from Rosenberg’s childhood and the context of why he and his wife Lynn founded The Joshua Fund, the listener learns about the region and the charitable, educational, and humanitarian relief work, all with a mission to bless Israel and Her Neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Distributing food and clothing to the poor, supporting discipleship ministries, and making life-saving surgeries possible through partners on the ground, the work of The Joshua Fund does what Rosenberg encourages others to do: Bless Israel.

Listeners will also discover God’s design for Israel as the centerpiece in the last days and how replacement theology threatens Israel with delegitimization.

Covering many of the current and pressing questions the Church has about the future of Israel and America, the podcast showcases the depth of knowledge and expertise Rosenberg has on these critical topics.

Inside the Epicenter provides information, context, and guidance on the complex subject of Israel and the last days. It is an essential resource for Christians and anyone wanting to discover more about God’s plan for Israel and the Middle East.

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