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Pastor John MacArthur has served in ministry for 53 years. For more than half a century, his views and teaching on Israel haven’t changed, having total confidence in Scripture and believing there’s not a greater mission field in the world.

Episode 33 of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg is Part 1 of a conversation with MacArthur. He sits down with Joel C. Rosenberg and Dr. Carl Moeller at The MacArthur Center for Expository Preaching, surrounded by the portraits and works of great preachers through history, to discuss how the Church should approach evangelism to the Jews.

Rosenberg provides context at the start of their conversation, offering surprising data from a recent study that shows that approximately 871,000 Evangelical Christians are from a Jewish heritage in the United States – a testament to the growing number of Jewish Christians worldwide.

MacArthur shares that he and his ministry were at the heart of the Jewish evangelism efforts in Southern California and has always modeled his ministry after Apostle Paul’s–embracing both the Jew and Gentile.

Rosenberg agrees and adds that The Joshua Fund, founded to provide humanitarian aid and ministry support in the name of Jesus to both Israel and Her Neighbors, shares the same approach.

Speaking about his father, grandfather, and late Dr. Charles Feinberg, MacArthur explains their role in framing his theology regarding Israel and modeling unwavering belief in the Bible.

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