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This has been a very dark year. As millions around the globe struggle with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, all of the countries we at The Joshua Fund care so deeply about are struggling.

One-in-five Israelis are out of work. Not a single tourist is allowed in the country. Lebanon is trying desperately to recover from the horrific and deadly blast in August. Fear and confusion grow throughout the region. I’m regularly asked by pastors, ministry leaders, radio and TV hosts, and journalists what the Bible teaches on the subject of pestilence and plagues and whether they factor at all into the future prophecy.

I’ve been studying these issues carefully, consulting theologians and seminary professors whose expertise I trust. After all, The Joshua Fund seeks to educate the Church, and those interested, in God’s plan and purpose for Israel and her neighbors.

There is no doubt in my mind that the pandemic is one of the “birth pangs” of which the Lord Jesus spoke in Luke 21. It is yet another sign that we are living in what the Bible calls the “last days.” That’s why we need to have a sense of urgency to fulfill the Great Commission and specifically to obey our calling to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus. Now is the time for the Church to be demonstrating the love of God to Jews, Arabs, and all other ethnic and religious groups in the region, and to do so in real and practical ways. One of our projects is providing food and humanitarian relief monthly to thousands of Israelis and Palestinians. These are needy widows, single mothers, Holocaust survivors, refugees, and other families struggling to make ends meet. This work is especially needed now; so many in our region have gone through a partial or full lockdown.

It is an honor to serve them – and I hope you are encouraged by the many stories of life change from the last year, all of which serve as a testimony of God’s faithfulness through your faithful investment and prayers.

The current need is urgent, and if we, as the Church, don’t stand in the gap – especially now – who will? Please join us by donating today as we bless Israel & her neighbors in the name of Jesus.


Thank you so much – may the Lord bless you!

Joel C. Rosenberg

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