From Episode 023: Calling the Lost Sheep of Israel | Inside the Epicenter

Listen to episode twenty-three of Inside The Epicenter With Joel C. Rosenberg, a podcast from The Joshua Fund, where you find your podcasts. Joel C. Rosenberg is a New York Times Bestselling Author & Middle East expert. Joel & co-host Dr. Carl Moeller will discuss what God is doing in the Middle East & how the Christian Church should respond.

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Video Transcript:

- [Narrator] Coming up on this episode of Inside the Epicenter.

- [Joel] Simply put, Jesus came into the world as a Jew, born in Bethlehem, in Roman-occupied Palestine. He came to call the lost sheep of the house of Israel, right? That's what He said, to begin with. And he called them to repent for the Kingdom of God was at hand.

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