Finding God In An Unexpected Way

Living in a closed and religious Orthodox Jewish community, Ilana* had never heard the truth about Jesus; honest questions about Him came with resistance.

When Ilana came across a Joshua Fund partner's video that explained the book of Isaiah in Hebrew, it filled her with excitement! She shared the video with her husband, but he immediately dismissed her.

Despite her husband's disapproval, Ilana searched for answers and reached out to our ministry partners, saying, "I felt something inside of me urging me to call you for several weeks."

For months, Ilana called at least once a week, and our partner patiently invested the time needed to answer the questions flowing from Ilana's heart. They would read through different Scriptures—especially the Hebrew prophecies concerning the Messiah—and Ilana began to ask for prayer in Jesus' name!

Thanks to your generosity, life-changing videos in Hebrew and other languages from our Joshua Fund partners are reaching people like Ilana all over the Epicenter and introducing them to Jesus.

Watching that video changed Ilana's eternal destiny.

"I have decided that I now believe in Yeshua. So, I went out and got a full Bible, including the New Testament, and put it out on our living room table," Ilana shared with our partners.

To openly identify herself as a believer shows her courage and commitment to her new faith in Jesus.

Please join me in praying for Ilana and others like her to be encouraged in their newfound faith and stand firm in the face of tremendous pressure from family and friends.

I also ask you to consider a one-time gift of $50 today to support our partners in Israel and throughout the Epicenter who are evangelizing in unique but powerful ways and reaching people just like Ilana with the message of Christ.

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