Pray for Christians in Egypt

The Joshua Fund just received this urgent request from a brother in Egypt who's watching this situation as it's unfolding -

"I am writing to ask you to pray for Egypt. Egypt is burning. There are many attacks against the Christians. As many as 7 have been killed and 75 wounded. Please pray, the situation needs the Lord's hand."

Would you please join The Joshua Fund in faithfully bringing our brothers and sisters before the Lord in prayer during their time of extreme need? That they would be bold witnesses, and would as individuals clearly hear and follow the Lord's will for themselves and their families during this unrest and persecution. That as they 'walk through the valley of the shadow of death they would fear no evil', but that instead they would grow and be strengthened in their faith and trust in Jesus their Savior. 

Please continue to pray as the numbers of dead and wounded are rising! 
Reuters Update, March 9, 2011 -

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