Missiles and Rockets Fired into S. Israel from Gaza. Mortal Shells Fired into Israel from Syria

Residents of Southern Israel have been under a consistent barrage of rockets and mortars by terrorists in the Gaza Strip for several days. Schools and many businesses have been temporarily closed. The Jerusalem post reported four injuries and 42 counts of shock after terrorists fired 15 rockets and mortars into Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip during the early morning hours of November 12th.

Meanwhile, tensions have risen significantly along Israel’s northern border as several mortal shells from Syria have landed in the Golan Heights. These instances have prompted the IDF to return fire into Syria twice. The first, a warning shot, was the first by the IDF into Syria since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Then on November 12th, the IDF responded to additional Syrian shells landing in Israel by destroying the source of the Syrian projectiles.

Please pray for peace and security to be restored on both borders. Pray for Israeli leaders to have wisdom to know how best to respond. Pray for the innocent civilians — Jews and Arabs — on both sides of the border that are caught in the crossfire.

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