From a Christian brother in Iraq

Greetings from Iraq in Jesus Name,

The church is passing through real persecution, dead threats are dropped in many churches; houses and Christians’ groups. the tragedy on the church Sunday 31/10 (53 killed and + 77 injured and hundreds left with life truma of fear; panic and grief), was not the first but one of those events. Yesterday 3 houses were bombed, 4 killed and +26 injured.

We have called for a national day of fasting and prayers. we need your support and aggrement with us in this. few years ago, there was 2 millions Christians in lraq, but now they are less than a half a million, they have flee the country. Mean while, there is a great revivdal, in 2 months more than 1000 were save, 3000+ were healed and 15-18 millions heard the gospel on FM free to air broadcasting, there were many good response.

l urge you to stand with the remnent of the Christians, with the body of Christ in lraq in fasting and prayers to endure this hardship period. Kindly pass this request for your church intercessores and the prayer teams. Our prayers that the 30 millions lraqi come to know the Christ as Lord and Savior.

Should you receive any word from the Lord, kindly send it ... Thank you we bless you and love you.

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