150+ Rockets Fired at Southern Israel: Please pray

June 26, 2012 - Update

Gaza-based terrorist activity continued over this past week, bringing the total rockets and projectiles fired into Southern Israel to over 150. The Times of Israel reports that damage was sustained to both a school and a factory in Sderot, as well as one injury and several residents being treated for shock. Emergency consultation meetings were held on Saturday by Israeli security chiefs to review cease fire terms in an effort to avoid a further escalation of violence.

June 20, 2012

Palestinian terror activity against southern Israel is spiking again. For the past three days, terrorist attacks have been launched from Gaza and the Sinai desert against innocent Israelis. Please pray for peace. Please also pray for comfort and healing for those wounded or traumatized by these attacks.

Here’s the latest. “Palestinian terror groups fired a Grad rocket into Israeli territory that exploded in the Bnei Shimon region near Beersheba Wednesday morning. The rocket exploded in an open area, causing no injuries or damage,” reports the Jerusalem Post. “Shortly after, three Kassam rockets exploded in open areas in the Eshkol region. Late Tuesday night, four border policemen in the Ashkelon Coast area were injured by shrapnel, one moderately, when a Kassam rocket directly struck a building, after nearly 50 rockets and mortar shells pounded southern Israel.”

Ynet News reports that at least 11 Israelis have been wounded in these rocket attacks, and that Israeli Defense Forces are striking back at the terror cells. “Israel killed a Gaza militant on Wednesday as a surge of fighting across the border of the Palestinian enclave entered a third day despite what Egypt said were its efforts to broker a truce,” reports Reuters. “The militant, a Palestinian belonging to one of Gaza’s fringe Islamist Salafi networks, died and a comrade was wounded in an air strike on their motorcycle in southern Rafah, near Gaza’s frontier with the Egyptian Sinai, medical officials said. Israel said the man targeted had been involved in a raid on Monday from adjacent Sinai territory into the Jewish state, which killed an Israeli. Soldiers shot dead two infiltrators, who were later claimed by a newly formed radical Islamist movement, the ‘Shura Council of Mujahideen in the Holy Land.’”

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