Police nab Palestinian cell linked to murders of American and Israeli

Jerusalem District Police have arrested 13 members of the cell, who are wanted in 10 other grave security incidents; cell allegedly began as petty criminals and turned nationalist after Mabhouh assassination.

Excerpt: “The Jerusalem District Police released Wednesday details regarding its investigation into a cell of Palestinian militants suspected in two murders and 19 other security incidents since 1997. The cell is alleged to be behind the recent stabbing of an American tourist and her friend in the Jerusalem hills five weeks ago; the tourist, Kristine Luken, was killed, while her friend, Kaye Wilson, managed to flee the attackers with serious wounds … Israel Police, together with Shin Bet forces, special task units of the Border Police and Israel Defense Forces arrested three of the suspects—Kifah Ghanimat, the suspected ringleader, Mohammed Ghanimat, and IIyad Fatpatah—a day after Luken's body was discovered. The suspects are all residents of the West Bank. All three confessed to Luken's murder and led investigators to suspect their involvement in Blatt-Sorek's murder a year earlier. Police say the three men told interrogators they wanted to kill a Jew—though Luken was in fact a Christian….”

Please continue to pray for the family of Kristine Luken; for Kaye Wilson, who survived the attack; for the investigators; and for those who committed the crime, that they may come to know Jesus as Savior.

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