Partnering To Make A Difference

Partnering To Make A Difference

Through your prayers, financial gifts and participation in Joshua Fund events, you encourage and enable us to play an important part in the lives of many people in the Epicenter. Some of our prayer and financial partners are similarly encouraged by participating in Joshua Fund activities. Hear the story of one such couple, Paul and Jenny Biederman, who joined us on a recent Joshua Fund Prayer & Vision Tour.

“It was our first time in Israel and we had waited a long time to go,” says Jenny. “You are so overwhelmed with the sights, the sounds and the history, and the faces. We loved the service day, [where needy families are invited to receive household goods purchased by The Joshua Fund]. There were different stations of clothing, blankets, frying pans, and coffee pots. It was almost like being at a bridal shower... We had a little area set up with coffee and tea and cookies.”

“I couldn’t speak Hebrew or Arabic, but I could speak a little bit through translators,” Jenny continues. “I just hugged the ladies, smiled at them, and loved on them. One particular lady was glowing, she couldn’t stop smiling, and she didn’t want to leave. That touched my heart. I felt that she was blessed and it was neat to see that.”

Admittedly, Jenny’s husband Paul came hesitantly. However, once he arrived in Israel something started to happen. “The reason it took us awhile to get there is because I was dragging my feet for 10 years and my dear wife kept encouraging me… I think just the goodness and sovereignty of the Lord let us go with The Joshua Fund.”

"It was probably the highlight of our life. It’s changed our life in many ways"

“It was such a blessing,” Paul adds. “It was probably the highlight of our life. It’s changed our life in many ways. Spending time with Joel and Lynn is wonderful. Worshipping on the Mount of Olives and looking out over the city of Jerusalem, it’s profound. Rubbing shoulders with the ministry leaders is unique to The Joshua Fund. It’s really meaningful and you walk away encouraged spiritually. We were encouraged by The Joshua Fund and the ministry that’s going on there.”


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