How Can You Help Lebanese Christians Love Their Neighbors After Devastating Explosion?

Fear and uncertainty run through minds in the Middle East after a massive explosion rippled through Beirut, Lebanon. Headlines seemingly ripped from thriller novels shout the harsh realities:

"Beirut explosion: UN warns of Lebanon humanitarian crisis" (BBC News)
"Lebanese authorities fire tear gas as protesters chant 'Revolution' after Beirut blast" (Fox News)

“Economic collapse, hunger, a virus... now this: A terrible new twist in Lebanon's humanitarian crisis” (The Telegraph)

Many have already reached out and asked how The Joshua Fund can help. I want to personally thank you for your compassion and kindness. Of course, the biggest impact you can make is to pray; intercede on behalf of those whose lives have been uprooted and likely forever changed. We have partnered in Lebanon for years and now it is time for the church to rise up in an unprecedented way and respond to this crisis in Lebanon.

We are hearing directly from our partners that the explosion on August 4th, has “intensified and multiplied the needs of the people, especially in Beirut.” In response to this expanding need, one gracious donor has already challenged us to match their gift of $100,000 towards this effort.  Will you help us meet that challenge by giving today toward the additional $100,000?

Your gift’s impact will essentially be doubled – and help us fulfill our emergency $200,000 Lebanon response fund.

If you are able to give, your gifts will help bring aid to those who have been affected by the explosion. We have established a special crisis response effort to mobilize the global church during this time.

Donate (Your Gift Multiplies 2x)

This fund of $200,000 will enable The Joshua Fund to underwrite critical resources by providing food, hygiene items, security, life-sustaining essentials, and COVID-19 protection to many of the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced, in partnership with trusted Christian allies in Lebanon.

On behalf of our partners, and the millions impacted by this humanitarian crisis, will you respond with a generous gift today?

Your best gift today will help us underwrite this massive humanitarian effort in Lebanon and fund other programs that serve those in need. Any amount will go a long way to help us provide the funds needed to save lives, both physically and spiritually. Through your generosity, you will make a difference in the lives of many.

Thank you in advance for helping us show the love of Christ. Together we are working to strengthen the church in the Epicenter. This means we ensure your loving response is brought forward to Beirut by brothers and sisters in the region, in the name of Jesus.

In Christ,




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