What Does It Take to Win a Nobel Peace Prize?

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In 2020, the historic Abraham Accords were signed, ushering in a new era of diplomatic relations between several Arab nations and the state of Israel.

It was groundbreaking. It was inspiring. It was ignored.

A pandemic and deficient acknowledgment from mainstream media pushed the accords and their impact out of the public eye.

The consequence? Opportunities to help further peace, strengthen economies and lift people out of poverty through foreign investments are being missed.

Without someone shining a light on the strengthening relationships in the region, the stigma of hostility remains.

In Episode 57 of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg, a podcast of The Joshua Fund, Rosenberg becomes part of the solution.

Rosenberg details a recent trip with a delegation of evangelical business and media leaders to The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel to see the impact of the Abraham Accords and hear from their leaders.

"They really feel, not just the Israeli but the Arab leaders too, very few people are listening," shares Rosenberg. "If you can't win a Nobel Peace Prize for making peace, I'm not sure what the requirements are anymore."

He clarifies that "they aren't so worried about the specific prizes, but how do people understand it, how do they get involved, how do investors know enough to say 'I want to learn more."

While Rosenberg's goal with this delegation was to build friendships and not to collect photo ops, he does seek to share his experience and educate others about the progress in these nations.

His description of Bahrain, which he calls the "Hidden Pearl of the Gulf," will surprise listeners and encourage them that their prayers for peace in the Middle East are being answered.

Rosenberg offers an intimate look at these influential Arab leaders bringing substantial change to the region. He highlights their accomplishments in promoting peace—like the King of Bahrain building the region’s largest church—while stressing the need for further action and reform.

Rosenberg's authentic picture of his delegations to these important countries perpetuates hope for the Middle East and tells an important—and untold—story the world needs to hear.

Inside the Epicenter is available across all major podcast platforms. Through Rosenberg's expert analysis and unique geopolitical and Biblical perspective, listeners can expect unparalleled insight into issues facing the Middle East.

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