Wayne & Willi Pederson Unveil Surprising Details About The Joshua Fund!

[Dr. Carl] - I'm with Wayne and Willi Pederson from The Joshua Fund Board. We're here at the Epicenter Briefing in 2022. Wayne, Willi. So great to have you guys with us this weekend. I would just love to get your thoughts on what it is that you've loved about this weekend so far.

[Wayne] - Well, it's great sitting around the tables or walking along the beach and running into people that you never knew before. And you start talking and there are all these connections of common people, you know, that's been great. But I think what I've loved seeing is how our people on the ground and our operations team is working so effectively-

[Dr. Carl] - Mm-hmm.

[Wayne] - Together to tell The Joshua Fund Story, in such an incredible way. And even though I've been on the board for five years I'm still learning new things about what's happening in the Epicenter.

[Dr. Carl] - Yeah, that's amazing. And it's been so rewarding and fun to see people's eyes open to what God is doing through The Joshua Fund and in the epicenter and all our partners and all of that. Willi, how about you? What's some of the things in your heart?

[Willi] - I would say Carl, last night when we had our first dinner, everybody that was at our table, it was the first time they had been to an epicenter, and they were like sponges wanting to know everything they could possibly learn and hear about what's going on, what are we all about, what are we doing? And to see The Joshua Fund through their new fresh eyes-

[Dr. Carl] - Mm-hmm.

[Willi] - Was incredible. And it's just... We saw that today on the beach. We saw it in the sessions and the newness and the interest, the keen interest and awareness-

[Dr. Carl] - Mm-hmm.

[Willi] - Of what we're doing and what we're about, and how to go deeper in all of that.

[Wayne]  - Yeah, it's been so good.

[Willi] - Yeah.

[Dr. Carl] - And I know the Bible teaching from Seth Postell has been-

[Willi] - Yes.

[Dr. Carl] - So helpful. Hasn't it been so-

[Wayne] - So good. I took copious notes-

[Willi] - Yeah.

[Wayne] - Of his scripture references and the cultural historical background he gave to Peter talking to Cornelius for the first time breaking out of that Old Testament Jewish mold to bring the gospel to Gentiles, that was mind blowing.

[Dr. Carl] - Yeah. And it's so integrated into our both and-

[Wayne] - Mm-hmm.

[Dr. Carl] - Philosophy of The Joshua Fund, isn't it?

[Willi] - Yes.

[Wayne] - Yes.

[Dr. Carl] - Be both into that.

[Wayne] - And that's what we love about the Joshua Fund. It's not just to Israel. It's not just to the Arab world. It's to the both hand, to the epicenter which includes, you know, the sons of Abraham in Israel, but also sons of Abraham in the Arabic world,

[Willi] - Mm-hmm. 

[Wayne] - And our command to bring the gospel both to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the world.

[Dr. Carl] - Yeah.

[Willi] - Yeah.

[Dr. Carl] - Amen. Amen. Willi, when Lynn was talking today, I think I saw your face light up. What were some of the things that you just wanted to resonate with Lynn?

[Willi] - Well, I have shared several sweet memories with Lynn over the last six, five years or so. I think we've been with The Joshua Fund. And to just hear her heart as a woman, hear how The Joshua Fund started through her heart and through her eyes was so significant. I'm not sure, I've ever really heard it like that. And I just love that and to see the talent that she has and her communication skills and her heart that she allowed us to glimpse into her heart and her story in things that I was not aware of before. And it just is... It was beautiful.

[Dr. Carl] - It's powerful.

[Willi] - Yes.

[Dr. Carl] - It's powerful.

[Willi] - Yes.

[Dr. Carl] - Wayne, you have had a long and distinguished broadcast career. One of the neatest things I think that Joel is doing and that The Joshua Fund is supporting is the expansion of media Joel's.

[Dr. Carl] - All Israel and all Arab News as well as the TBN News program that's gonna be on weekly. Talk a little bit about that and the impact that can have on the epicenter.

[Wayne] - Well, we have such a story to tell, a story that the most of the media world is not covering. Where do we get this information? while we get it through your podcasts, we get it through the written, printed communication, All Arab News, All Israel News now telling a side of the story that the rest of the media world ignores or misinterprets. And the best way to get the story out is through the media through the news media and sources you can trust. And now the TV show on TBN will expand. And here's the largest Christian network in the world that's gonna be every week, telling a different side of the story, what's happening in the Gulf region in a way that most people don't understand from the historical perspective, from the incredible things that are happening with peace between Israel and the neighboring countries that have been separated and hostile for centuries. And now they're coming together with diplomatic relations, trade, peace negotiation, sharing technology, sharing security, sharing defense. These are amazing days, and it's so historic. We need to tell the story to the rest of the world.

- [Dr. Carl] Yeah.

[Wayne] - We're doing that through the All Arab News, All Israel News and the new show on TBN.

[Dr. Carl] - Yeah. Well, I'm telling you, as Joel often likes to say "The pieces are on the chess board and they're moving."

[Willi] - Yes.

[Dr. Carl] - And when you see these things happening, you want to be able to tell the whole world about those kinds of things. Hey, step back for a moment on your service on the board. So what have been some of the most inspiring or perhaps moving and motivating things for you about serving on the board of The Joshua Fund? Willi, I'll give you first cut at that one.

[Willi] - Well, we started in 2016, and one of the unique things is that we do serve as a couple, and I think that's very unique to most of the boards we've ever been involved with. So we have one vote as a couple but we serve together and we get a lot in input, and we receive a lot of information. We also had the opportunity, just was that four months ago with you to go on one of the delegation trips, The Abraham Accord delegation trip, that was powerful. Wayne and I often comment, we're farm kids, we're farm kids. And that the Lord has allowed us to experience all that The Joshua Fund is involved in and how the Lord is working through this ministry and that he gets all the glory and we get a ringside seat into all of it. It's unbelievable. We're so humbled and grateful.

[Dr. Carl] - Well, Willi, I wish you could be a little bit more enthusiastic. Yeah. It'd be very helpful to this conversation.

[Wayne] - Well, I would pick up on that too. You know, like she said, "We're farm kids," and I've been on four delegations now with Joel-

[Dr. Carl] - Mm-hmm.

[Wayne] - Which has been an extreme privilege. But to sit with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia-

[Willi] - Yeah. Mm-hmm.

[Wayne] - The crown prince of United Arab Emirates,

[Dr. Carl] - Unbelievable.

[Wayne] - The president of Egypt, and to have them take time to hear what we as evangelical Christians believe about Jesus, and to hear from them-

[Willi] - Yes.

[Wayne] - Their heart changing the world of hostility and ending the violence and uniting together to come alongside his friends of Israel. We feel that we're in the front row seat of history in the making.

[Willi] - Yes.

[Wayne] - And what a privilege it is to be involved in this. It's unspeakable, but that's what excites, this is historic. This is unprecedented.

[Willi] - Yeah.

[Wayne] - And we have a chance to be a part of the great peace negotiations that we're seeing and the peace coming together, even among the Palestinians now within the nation of Israel is incredible. And we're gonna continue to be amazed at what God is doing through all of this.

[Dr. Carl] - You know, I couldn't agree more, and I'm so grateful that you guys serve on the board at The Joshua Fund and have provided such leadership and wisdom in so many ways. Thank you, Wayne and Willi Pederson. Appreciate you guys very much.

[Willi] - Thank you.

[Wayne] - It's a pleasure. Thank you.

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