Troubling Trend: Data Reveals Fading Support For Israel | Inside The Epicenter | Ep. 36

Though not surprising, the implications are sobering.

In Episode 36 of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg, Dr. Carl Moeller and Joel C. Rosenberg discuss the methodology used to collect the data and the concerning results.

Only 12% of young evangelicals who completed the survey said they support or strongly support Israel. Even when those who "leaned" toward supporting Israel were added to that number, the total was 29%.

Rosenberg noted that because support for Israel has dropped significantly among evangelicals under the age of 30 compared to their older counterparts, this could affect future elections as most candidates running for office are pro-Israel to reflect their constituent's values.

The data also revealed that many young evangelicals said they supported the "Palestinian cause." Rosenberg quickly emphasized that support and love for the Palestinian people are good things. But he also pointed out that the survey response was unclear because "cause" was not defined for participants.

Regardless of meaning, Moeller and Rosenberg agreed that the survey results show that young evangelicals are trending toward an "either/or" approach to Israel instead of "both/and."

The Joshua Fund, started by Rosenberg and his wife Lynn in 2006, adheres to the "both/and" strategy, serving both Israel and Her Neighbors through humanitarian aid and ministry support.

While older evangelicals witnessed God's hand on the Jewish people over the last century—Israel's establishment in 1948 and its surprising triumph in the Six-Day War—Rosenberg claims that most young evangelicals have not been taught God's love for Israel.

Rosenberg shares that the biggest long-term concern is that the Church will no longer love, pray for, or minister to Israel as a result, which is why part of The Joshua Fund's mission is to equip the global Church to learn, pray, give and go, and participate in mobilizing God's loving plan in the Epicenter.

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