The Joshua Fund Provides Vital Medical Equipment

Tensions in Southern Israel remain high after the latest wave of terrorist rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Air Force responded to these recent attacks with operations against specific targets and there has been some speculation about a potential larger scale operation including the use of ground forces into Gaza in order to prevent future attacks. During a speech to the Knesset on October 31st, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted, “A security philosophy cannot rely on defense alone. It must also include offensive capabilities, which is the very foundation of deterrence.” These words come after at least 10 terrorists and an Israeli civilian have been killed during this round of violence in the region. Whether further military action by Israel will be undertaken remains to be seen, but the residents of Southern Israel continue to find themselves living with the constant threat of danger to them and their families.

  • Please join us in praying that the Lord would give wisdom to Israel’s leaders in knowing how to act.
  • Please pray that by His grace, the loss of life on both sides of this conflict would be minimized.
  • Please pray for the men, women, and children living in Southern Israel and the Gaza Strip, that the Lord would comfort them and draw them to Himself.

Meanwhile, over the past several years, the Lord has enabled The Joshua Fund to help provide necessary medical equipment to a hospital which happens to reside in the heart of this frequent conflict zone. This medical facility in Israel, which is less than 10 miles from the Gaza border, is a vital part of the Israeli medical system and provides care for individuals from both sides of the border. The hospital’s resources are continuously strained as staffers work to serve 100,000 admissions per year. Many of the essential wards have been moved underground because the facility is consistently in the path of rocket attacks. Vehicles and personnel must be inspected before entering the hospital to protect both those serving and those being served. In recent years, The Joshua Fund has been blessed with opportunities to meet numerous critical equipment needs of the hospital, including two neonatal incubators (NICU), an ultrasound machine for the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, and a new endoscopic system for gastroscopic procedures. It has been a tremendous honor to assist the hospital staff in these ways as they work to save lives and care for the sick and injured that come through their doors.

  • Please pray for the Lord’s hand to be upon those who work to provide medical care in Israel, both in times of relative peace and times of intense conflict.
  • Please pray that the Lord would protect them as they risk their lives to save the lives of others.

 Psalm 103:6 The Lord performs righteous deeds and judgments for all who are oppressed.


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