Russian Invasion Cues War of Gog & Magog? | Inside The Epicenter | Ep. 40

Russian Invasion Cues War of Gog & Magog? | Inside The Epicenter | Ep. 40

Russia has invaded Ukraine, and Putin’s aggression and alliances continue to bring death and destruction to the region. Is this a sign of the last days?

Old Testament prophecy remains a mystery to many. However, after spending two decades researching the topic, New York Times Best Selling Author Joel C. Rosenberg offers insight into what he understands as the beginning of the end.

Rosenberg unpacks the prophecy of The War of Gog and Magog. Episode 40 of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg – a podcast of The Joshua Fund – reached chart-topping success across several countries.

This timely conversation outlines which modern-day players are likely participants in Ezekiel’s prophecy.

Along with naming Russia and Iran, Rosenberg discusses parts of the prophecy that have come to pass and those currently falling into place.

“We are living in the first window in all the 2,600 years since the prophecy was written, in which all the pieces that God said would fall into place in the last days for this apocalyptic attack against Israel,” says Rosenberg.

Rosenberg deciphers who and what Gog and Magog are, giving listeners an understanding of the prophecy while highlighting other prophecies regarding Israel’s establishment as a nation.

Have these Old Testament prophecies been fulfilled? Rosenberg suggests that we’re headed in that direction as current events continue to align with the words of Ezekiel.

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