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Is peace in the Middle East an answer to prayer or a sign of the apocalypse? According to New York Times Best Selling Author Joel C. Rosenberg, the answer is both.

The historic signing of the Abraham Accords in August 2020 brought a much-needed breakthrough in the Middle East in terms of peace. On the latest episode of Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg, podcast listeners discover how this newfound stability in the region aligns with Biblical prophecy. 

Rosenberg’s latest book, Enemies and Allies: An Unforgettable Journey Inside the Fast-Moving & Immensely Turbulent Modern Middle East, provides a fascinating look at these accords and many other Middle Eastern topics through his unique lens and relationships with both Jewish and Arab leaders. 

In Episode 30, titled “Enemies and Allies Pt. 4 – Peace and Persecution in the Middle East,” Rosenberg discusses his motivation to include a Biblical perspective in his book. He also explains to listeners that the Abraham Accords are just one piece of the puzzle regarding end-time prophecies.

Emphasizing Christianity’s role in the last days, Rosenberg addresses the problematic nature of evangelizing in the Middle East to Arabs and Jews and speaks about the genocide believers experienced at the hands of ISIS only a few years ago

Rosenberg encourages listeners to pray for Christians in the Epicenter who face physical and spiritual warfare daily. He also highlights the incredible work being done in the region by The Joshua Fund, a nonprofit he and his wife Lynn started in 2006 to bless Israel and Her Neighbors through humanitarian aid and ministry support. 

Inside The Epicenter with Joel C. Rosenberg is available across all major podcast platforms and quickly becoming the premier podcast for listeners wanting to know more about the Middle East and how events in the region impact the Global Church and relate to Biblical prophecy.

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