Pray with us . . . For the family of the Jordanian pilot and the nation of Jordan

Pray with us . . . For the family of the Jordanian pilot and the nation of Jordan

Please join The Joshua Fund in praying for the situation in Jordan that has arisen from the killing of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, a Jordanian pilot, this week.

  • Please be praying that the Lord would bring comfort to his family and friends.
  • Please pray for King Abdullah and his advisors to have wisdom in responding to the brutal killing of one of their citizens.
  • Please be praying for the nation of Jordan, that is inflamed because of this brutality, that the Lord would bring peace and calm to the nation.
  • Please pray for all followers of Jesus Christ in the nation of Jordan, that they would be bold in sharing the love of God with friends and neighbors.
  • Please be praying for President Obama, his administration and Congress to have wisdom in how best to support the people of Jordan at this critical hour.

Who among you fears the Lord? Who obeys the voice of His Servant? Who walks in darkness
And has no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord And rely upon his God.
Isaiah 50: 10

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