Pray with us . . . For Pastors, Ministry Workers and Believers in the Middle East

Pray with us . . . For Pastors, Ministry Workers and Believers in the Middle East

Your prayers and gifts are ministering to followers of Jesus Christ in dangerous locations throughout the Middle East. While many church buildings have been destroyed, pastors continue to meet with their congregations in any location that is available. These faithful shepherds continue to minster to their flocks in deteriorating conditions as they teach God’s Word, disciple church members, offer pastoral and spiritual care, lead Gospel outreaches and provide trauma counseling. The Lord is moving among His people, and we invite you to join us in praying for pastors, ministry workers and all believers in the Epicenter.

Reports from ministry partners shared the following:

One pastor in the region had been threatened repeatedly by a specific individual for over five years. That man has since come to faith in Jesus Christ, has been discipled and now leads a house church. He was also the first to write worship music in the style of his culture. Only God could transform this man for His purposes and glory.

Another pastor feared he would lose his life and even told his wife that if he was killed not to come get his body because it would be too dangerous for her. “Just let me go. I’ll be with Jesus,” he told his wife. This pastor’s life has been spared even when death looked like it was imminent.

Join us in praying:

Pray for pastors that are inspiring a new generation of young people to serve Christ in one of the most fruitful, yet dangerous regions in the world.

Pray that those whom God has called to stay in these dangerous conditions will continue to be faithful and obedient -- even if it means they may lose their life for His purposes.

Pray for pastors and ministry leaders who are serving the Lord on the frontlines as conditions continue to deteriorate. We hear they are feeling the heat of the battle now even more than ever.

Pray for strength for believers enduring persecution that they might hold fast to Jesus Christ in the midst of dangerous circumstances.

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