Please Pray: Unprecedented Crisis Dividing Israeli Society

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Usually, we pray for God to protect Israel from external enemies.

But right now, we need to pray that God will show mercy to Israeli citizens who are more deeply divided than at any time in the last 75 years of the modern state.

The battle over the judicial reform legislation being advanced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government coalition has created an unprecedented crisis. It’s dividing Israeli society worse than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Historic strikes have impacted almost all aspects of Israeli society.

As of this writing, Ben Gurion airport has suspended flights, restaurants and retailers have closed, and kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, and colleges have been shut down. The strikes have impacted even hospitals.

Major roadblocks and traffic from the protests have significantly slowed down Joshua Fund operations, making it more difficult for our teams and ministry partners to carry out much-needed food distributions throughout the land.

With such a massive disruption to society, it is likely that even more aid will be needed for a greater number of people.

This is an incredibly challenging time in Israel – especially for Believers.

Donate to the Israel Emergency Aid Fund

As supporters of The Joshua Fund, you directly impact these brothers and sisters living in the Epicenter. Through your prayers and through your giving.

Your gift of $50 or more will help meet the needs of families negatively impacted by the unrest and go towards bringing Biblical reconciliation where there is dissension by investing in churches on the frontlines of addressing social unrest. Give your best gift today and help play an active role in both praying for and investing in the peace of Jerusalem.

Donate to the Israel Emergency Aid Fund

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