Passover 2009

“for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye.” Zechariah 2:8b

This year, The Joshua Fund, has helped many in Israel to enjoy and celebrate their freedom as Jews during their celebration of the Passover.

The 2009 world financial crisis made a significant impact on Israeli’s – and it’s even more pronounced for those who were already living below the poverty line. The Madoff financial scandal in the US made things even worse, as it destroyed many secular Jewish charitable agencies in the US and Israel, and crippled many that it didn’t close. Low income Israeli’s had little to look forward to, during a holiday time when their hearts long to celebrate.

For most in Israel, Passover is a time of celebration - seven days of family gathering and very a special meal together. They rejoice in the abundance they have received, while they remember the difficulties of their ancestors who were miraculously delivered from Egypt. It’s a treasured time to pass on their traditions and their trust in God to their children and grandchildren.

But many on fixed incomes in Israel have no real ability to celebrate, in fact – as most others are rejoicing, it can aggravate the sense of loneliness for the poor. They can lose hope that the Lord cares for them and can deliver them from their difficult situation - their personal financial ‘Egypt’.

What a true privilege it was to be able to make this day one of rejoicing for them as we helped demonstrate God’s amazing provision! We know that as God has moved on your hearts to participate with The Joshua Fund, He is providing supernaturally to Israel once again! Through your generosity, and in concert with the Israeli social aid offices, we touched more than 280 families, providing more than 400 gift packages in municipalities like Acco, Ma’al Adumim, Lachish, Afula and Ramle. These packages were loaded with the food and supplies most other Jewish families already have to enjoy the holiday – matzot, cooking oil, seasonings, cookies, candies etc.

Many of these families are in need of help because they are newer immigrants to Israel, and have trouble assimilating. Your gifts helped them celebrate this great victory of God as if you were their neighbors. You didn’t just provide needed food, but you refreshed them with a sense of their place – reminding them that they belong in Israel!

Thank you for your goodness and mercy in your willingness to minister to those the Lord loves. 

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