Joel Rosenberg: 2023 Biblical Prophecy & The War in Israel

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In today's episode, they examine some of the top episodes that stood out in 2023 and share what impacted our listeners the most. You’ll hear about the discovery of Tall al-Hammam as the true site of Sodom, and get insight from a former Prime Minister of Israel. You’ll also listen to Joel speak about the Gaza war as part of end-times prophecy, the internal and external challenges Israel faced in 2023, and what it is like to be in Israel at this time.

(00:15) Interview with Steven Collins about biblical discovery.
(04:58) Difficulty considering travel south due to Biblical findings.
(06:30) Albright theory: Abraham's sites sunk in the Dead Sea.
(12:09) Former Prime Minister discusses Iran's threat and Israeli defense.
(14:16) Intercede for Israel, pray for faith worldwide.
(17:55) The Old Testament mentions judgment and redemption.
(22:10) Hezbollah attacks Israeli positions along the border.
(24:57) Hezbollah missiles pose a significant threat to Israel.
(27:33) Hezbollah wants to eradicate Christians, Jews, Muslims.
(32:07) Israeli citizens abducted by Hamas in Gaza.
(36:18) A family in Ashkelon endures eight years of rocket attacks.
(38:20) United States, a true friend of Israel.

Verse of the Day: Psalm 136:1 - O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercies endure forever

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that Israelis, those in the Middle East, and other saints worldwide will be encouraged no matter what the circumstances they face, to hold on to their faith in the Lord Jesus.
2. Pray that the Lord blesses the Joshua Fund so that we may bless all those that we serve in the land, all the plans that have been made, all of the work that has been done this year to significantly impact the people of Israel and her neighbors in the places we serve in the Epicenter.

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