My Prayer for Israel at the Knesset

God is shaking Israel to its core right now.

Only if we turn our hearts to our Good Shepherd – and humbly follow God’s roadmap to rescue, redemption, and victory over our enemies that He lays out clearly and precisely in the Holy Scriptures – can we truly have any hope of success, much less long-term peace.

This was the heart of my message to the participants of the global day of prayer event held at the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem last week.

It’s not often – actually, almost never – that an Israeli Evangelical follower of Jesus from a Jewish background would be invited to speak in the Knesset, much less given the opportunity to pray.

I was surprised and humbled to be asked. And honored to say yes.

I hope you’ll find the video encouraging and will share it with family and friends to get them to start praying earnestly as well.

The needs in Israel continue to grow as more families are displaced, jobs are lost, and uncertainty and suffering increase.

I believe through prayer and the continued outreach from the Church to those in need, we'll begin to see hearts turn toward their Messiah.

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