Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit on the Verge of Coming Home

If you have been frequenting this website over the last several years, The Joshua Fund has been praying for Gilad Shalit and encouraging you to pray along with us. He’s the young IDF soldier who was abducted from Israel on June 25, 2006 by Hamas militants in a cross-border raid from Gaza.

After being held for 5 years by Hamas in illegal captivity and isolation in a secret location in the Gaza Strip, being continually denied access to government officials and even representatives of the Red Cross, it now appears he will be released in just a few days. His release brings a moment of rejoicing and relief for the Shalit family, and many in Israel are rejoicing today over this long awaited news. As sweet as this answer to the prayers of so many is, it comes at great cost to the nation of Israel. In order to see the safe return of one of their soldiers who was held for 1,935 days in Hamas captivity, Israel had to agree to the release of over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners currently being held legitimately in Israeli jails. Unfortunately many of these prisoners are terrorists and have committed crimes against the nation, some having taken the lives of innocent Israeli civilians.

We at The Joshua Fund join with the Shalit family in rejoicing for the release of their son and encourage you to do the same, giving thanks to the Father for His goodness to this family who has been in the spotlight for far too long, and for all the wrong reasons. Yes, this is clearly an answer to prayer for his safe return to his family after these long years of torment, isolation and captivity.

However, we urge you to also continue to be in prayer for the families and friends of the terror victims who are grieving afresh at the reality of those who have committed crimes and heinous acts against their loved ones being set free to possibly work evil once again.

We are reminded of the story of Joseph in the Bible. We are praying and confident that what Satan has meant for evil, God can and will use for good. We continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please stand with us!

Photo: Reuters/Handout


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