Is it Possible for Iran to Come to Faith?

Erick Stakelbeck, a TBN news director and host of The Watchmen, shares his perspective on the Middle East after spending the last 20 years devoted to understanding and communicating what’s happening in the region. He talks about memorable moments from his career covering the complex area of the world, including filming on the Iran/Iraq border, taking cover in a bomb shelter with Israeli citizens near Gaza, and walking along the ancient pilgrimage road to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Stakelbeck comments on how the Gospel is spreading in Iran and how more and more Iranians are coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Could God pour out His Spirit on the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism? Stakelbeck believes he is possibly seeing that unfold right now.

He also provides insight into the Abraham Accords and their effectiveness in bringing peace to a historically hostile region.

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