IDF Trains Storefront Managers at Our Warehouse

The IDF Instructional Day for Storefront Managers was a very lively event at The Joshua Fund Warehouse. We learned relevant and helpful information to help us be prepared for upcoming events such as war and earthquakes. Officers and soldiers from The Home-Front Command covered two main topics: Israel's Security and First Aid. Those who attended seemed to appreciate the importance of the content.

Storefront Managers brought along their key staff/helpers, and together, we were taught about the Home-Front Command's missions – chiefly restoration and recovery during, and after, military/terror attacks and natural disasters. We also learned how and when to use various types of "Protective Masks" (Gas Masks). The instructors were very open to our questions, and tried to give thorough answers to the concerns raised by the Storefront Managers.

We also learned First Aid Theory, which was interesting, fun, and sobering. We learned methods of finding and treating various injuries and wounds. The officer instructing us showed how to do everything he was teaching on one of the soldiers. When it was over, it looked like he would need some medical attention. We also had time to consider the various types of lethal wounds we might actually encounter: Arms chopped off, broken legs, burns, intestines that need to be "packed" back in to their places... As God provides us an opportunity to learn something, we can't help but think that we will probably have to use it.

We all had lunch and enjoyed the time of fellowship together. The Officer of Medicine had actually postponed his birthday celebration leave in order to come, so we thanked him by giving him a nice gift, and singing Happy Birthday.

We continued with Hands-On First Aid Practice after lunch by acting as wounded people, with missing limbs etc., so others could practice attending to us (after first dragging / carrying us "out of danger"…) And after trading places, we got to practice the application of real arterial tourniquets and various kinds of bandages to "wounds" on our peers. We couldn't help but finish the day with a laugh as some of us looked a bit like a mummy with bandages on arms, legs, stomachs and heads.

Our meeting concluded with the storefront managers encouraging one another in their service to the local communities, followed by prayer and thanksgiving. 

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