Epicenter Conference Radio Special From Jerusalem

Janet Parshall interviews Joel C. Rosenberg, Anne Graham Lotz, Ray Bentley, and Skip Heitzig live from Jerusalem on the topic of the Old Testament Book of Joel, and why this small Old Testament book is so relevant for us today. Janet and Joel are also joined by Tom Doyle and Wayne Hilsden to provide perspective on how the Lord is working in the Middle East.

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Latest News

Bible Prophecy Project: Volume 1

Joel explains the significance of biblical prophecy, why some pastors shy away from teaching prophecy, and how prophecies help to narrow down and identify the true Messiah.

The First 15 Days of the Hamas War on Israel

A chronicle from the diary of Lynn Rosenberg, co-founder of The Joshua Fund, from the first 15 days of the Hamas War on Israel.

Israel in Crisis: The Joshua Fund Responds

We are witnessing the darkest hour in Israel’s modern history. Our team is providing critical aid to families displaced by the terror attacks, including housing, food, hygiene products, and more.