Epicenter Conference Impressions

First and Lasting Impressions

When we were welcomed in on our first evening in Jerusalem, one of the first things that was said was, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, or you will miss the blessing of today.” There were so many people there, so many details to attend to, yet all the distractions were barred at the door. As bus captains, we were allowed several glimpses behind the scenes, and over and over we were touched by the whole team’s prayerful professionalism. This wasn’t just a conference. It was a gathering of friends, or perhaps more accurately, of brothers and sisters in the Lord.

We met in a church right in Jerusalem where a diverse body of believers worship together, proclaiming the name of Yeshua, the Messiah. Each morning, the conference attendees filled the place with songs of praise and prayers in many languages. Worship in this setting was truly an experience that blurred the lines of race, creed, and tongue, giving us a glimpse of the unity that is ours in Christ.

For us, one of the biggest highlights of the conference was the emphasis given to teaching the Word of God. We expected to get a heavy dose of eschatology and end times prophecy, but what we received was a balanced Bible study as the various conference speakers walked through the book of Joel. Chapter by chapter. Verse by verse.

The prophetic became very practical and uniquely personal when the panel speakers began connecting the Scriptures with the land and its people. We came away with a new sense of the challenges faced by Israel and her neighbors, the local pastors, and ministries like The Joshua Fund. Our prayers will linger with those who found their way into our hearts during our stay.

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