Calvary Chapel Pastor Endorses The Work of The Joshua Fund

Calvary Chapel Pastor Endorses The Work of The Joshua Fund

Pastor Troy Warner leads a congregation of believers in Lynchburg, Virginia. In his spare time, he is a strong supporter of the work of The Joshua Fund. Recently, Troy expressed an interest in going deeper in the way the Lord is working through The Joshua Fund, and below is a letter that he would like us to share with you.
“As a participant with The Joshua Fund’s (TJF) efforts over the last nine years, I have been privileged to help advance their ministry in the Epicenter. I’ve had the unique opportunity of teaching at their annual pastors’ retreats held in Israel and the West Bank, as well as in France. The way the pastors, ministry leaders, and their wives we minister to have opened their hearts to the team TJF has assembled demonstrates a very personal, genuine fellowship that has grown. It has become such a personal joy to know how to pray for, encourage, and interact with them individually, and to learn how to be a blessing to them and to the believers in Israel for the long term.
During the first century, believing Gentiles eagerly supported the work of advancing the Gospel in Israel. Today, we get to see TJF thoroughly vetting existing ministries—and I have a very high level of comfort in their work—so that the funds are truly reaching the right types of work and workers. For anyone who has a heart for Israel and the Epicenter region, and wants to see Gospel work advancing, TJF is a tremendous way for you to practically connect to that.

I am especially encouraged by the committed heart of TJF to reach both “Israel and her neighbors.” This has been deeply instructive to me as a pastor, maturing my own perspective, and building our church’s heart to support the whole work of God in the Epicenter.

We surely rejoice with the Lord’s bringing Israel back into the Land, but what about others in the region? Supporting TJF also enables crucial investment among the handful of evangelical Palestinian believers who so desperately want their lives to make an impact for the Gospel. We can’t forget about these folks! They are a lampstand in a very dark place.
It is beautiful to see how each of these ministry efforts developed organically as we all faithfully sought to serve the needs of the local Body of Christ in the region. I’m privileged to have witnessed firsthand how God continues to advance His Kingdom and build His Body in the Epicenter.
Supporting TJF has enabled our fellowship to participate in this work. I look forward prayerfully to seeing how the Lord will continue to use TJF to encourage vital ministry in the Epicenter in the future.”
Troy is one of many pastors and church members who have chosen to invest in the work of The Joshua Fund. No doubt, you have your own story of how the Lord has used The Joshua Fund in your life. If you would like to deepen your commitment to The Joshua Fund, please consider joining us through making or increasing your monthly gift. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to “bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus.”

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Thanks to all of you who give faithfully to the work of The Joshua Fund. We would like to ask you to continue your walk in faith and generosity as an act of continued trust in God's protection and provision. Your giving is needed now more than ever to help us bless our brothers and sisters in Israel and throughout the Middle East who are seeking ways to minister to those who are hurting and impacted by COVID-19. Would you join us in praying for our brothers and sisters and spreading hope during this season? You can give online now or call 703-860-0166. Or, if you prefer to give via check, please make checks payable to "The Joshua Fund" and mail to PO Box 96486, Washington DC 20090-6486.


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