The mission of The Joshua Fund flows from the heart of God. God’s desire to show His love to the Jew is not different than His heart to show love to the Arab or Palestinian, and thus The Joshua Fund continues to reach out to Israel and her Neighbors with the love of God. We pray this Donor Report will inspire you and strengthen your prayer life as you learn about the work of our ministry partners who are showing God’s love every day in real and practical ways in their neighborhoods and communities. We are grateful for God’s faithful provision, demonstrated throughout the year by you and thousands of people who regularly pray and partner with us.


JOHN 13:34

A Word From
Our Founder


We live in sobering times. Many nations, including America, are being shaken by violence, natural disasters and all kinds of evil. Nowhere is this more true than in the Middle East. People have theories about why this is happening, but I believe the answer is simple: God is trying to get our attention. These events are not random. God is sovereignly allowing these events to shake us and to get our attention. God has given us a great responsibility in the last days to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in every nation before He returns. Surely this includes Israel and the Arab world the last frontiers of the Gospel.

We live in sobering times. Many nations, including America, are being shaken by violence, natural disasters and all kinds of evil. Nowhere is this more true than in the Middle East. People have theories about why this is happening, but I believe the answer is simple: God is trying to get our attention. These events are not random. God is sovereignly allowing these events to shake us and to get our attention. God has given us a great responsibility in the last days – to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in every nation before He returns. Surely this includes Israel and the Arab world – the last frontiers of the Gospel.

In this year’s Donor Report, you will read about the remarkable things that God is doing in the Epicenter to advance His Kingdom in extraordinary ways. With your prayers and support, God is using The Joshua Fund to invest in ministries that are boldly and creatively sharing God’s love. They are communicating the Gospel via radio broadcasts, the Internet, Bible distribution, and their own personal witness, and by God’s grace they are reaching more people in the region than ever before. Indeed, after centuries of spiritual drought, the Church in the Middle East is bearing fruit again. Jews and Arabs are coming to faith, and are being baptized and discipled.

That’s why the work of The Joshua Fund is so important at this extraordinary moment in history. Similar to a venture capital fund, we come alongside small but growing and promising congregations and ministries and invest in them – with encouragement, with prayer, and, when appropriate, with financial resources – allowing them to plant more seeds and bear more fruit.

And that’s why we are so grateful for you, our dear partners in this work. We pray you are deeply blessed and encouraged as you share in the joy of what the Lord is doing through The Joshua Fund. Thank you so much for investing in us prayerfully and financially so that together we can help fulfill the Great Commission in the Epicenter.

May He alone be glorified!


Joel C. Rosenberg

Founder and Chairman

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Showing God's Love to Israel

Despite struggles, regional tension, persecution, and difficult daily uncertainties of life in the Epicenter, the Body of Christ in Israel continues to grow as God accompanies the teaching of His Word with power. Jews and Arabs, whether religious, secular or indifferent, seem to be daily growing more open to discussing Jesus and His Gospel. We continue supporting and enabling congregations and key ministries in their fruitful laboring toward the harvest. We are empowering these tireless workers with the vital funding, scriptural tools, personal fellowship and encouragement needed to finish well. Through humanitarian aid projects, we also enable local disciples to bring the love of Jesus practically to the “least of these,” (Matthew 25:45) and we are blessed to see the Lord’s Kingdom advance as His people obey His call to seek and save the lost.

Showing God’s Love
By Caring for The Elderly


“One of the members of our church visits an elderly couple who live on their own. Every time he visits them, he goes with his wife to deliver the food packages, and they sit and visit with this elderly couple. Over time, a nice relationship developed to the point that this elderly couple told them, ‘you are closer to us than our children and we can see your love and care for us.”

“As we serve the Lord in Gaza, we are praising the Lord that five in our community have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.”

“I see a tremendous openness to the Gospel message among my people, the Jewish people, in Israel and around the world that may very well be unprecedented since Jesus and the Apostles themselves were preaching and teaching in the First Century. It’s not that every Jewish person who hears the Gospel is receiving the message and trusting in Jesus as Messiah, but so many more Jewish people are open to listening to the Gospel message. Many are asking questions about Jesus, searching for answers on the Internet, and watching online video testimonies of Jewish people explaining how they came to faith in Jesus. They’re curious about reading the New Testament, and some are stunned to learn that Jesus is Jewish, that His mother and earthly father were Jewish, that He lived and ministered to Jews in Israel, that He came to ‘the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’ And they want to learn more.

That’s why the work of The Joshua Fund is so important at this extraordinary moment in history. Similar to a venture capital fund, we come alongside small but growing and promising congregations and ministries and we invest in them – with encouragement, with prayer, and, when appropriate, with financial resources. Why? So they can sow more seeds, and bear more fruit, and prepare the way for the Lord’s return. That’s why we count it such a joy and honor to invest in these ministries.”

“When the food distribution ministry was starting, we prayed that people would become curious about our faith. God gave a wonderful answer. Today, we have two Bible study groups in each city where the Distribution Centers function. Those receiving help know where they can come to find answers to their questions. In one city, people kept asking about something to read and we decided to arrange a small library with spiritual literature. Now, they can get a book when coming to receive a food package. Later they return with many questions that help us share about Jesus and His salvation plan.”

“In our previous visits to a Distribution Center we were encouraged to see the youth’s commitment to diligently assemble the food-packs; this Distribution Center is a collaboration of six local congregations, and this time, the senior leaders did the packing. One pastor was continuously discarding empty product packages and sweeping up, while the other leaders were busily putting together food packs. It was so refreshing and a powerful example for the young people to see a group of leaders, not boastful of their position, but willing to do the ‘simple,’ humble work of packing food products for the poor. Each of the congregations distribute food in their own villages, and their work has been recognized by local government officials, who have commended their efforts. It’s an honor for The Joshua Fund to partner with these congregations.”

Showing God’s Love
Through Discipleship


“I feel that I have changed my ways and the desire to change is not from me but it was from God. I’ve always prayed and asked Him for this, but without Him it would not have happened. I know that I could have started a change in my walk of faith but without your discipleship training, it would not continue.”

“Many young women can’t afford to provide the basic needs for their child and they consider abortion. One ministry partner who serves these young mothers shared: ‘I recall hearing two moms chatting in the office, one mom said to the other, we would have aborted, but our babies are alive today because of their help.’ Another mom thanked me by saying, ‘thank you for allowing me to be like everybody else. I am able to give my baby what she needs.’”

Showing God’s Love
By Reaching Out


“Thanks to your partnership, we are able to lead outreach tours through biblical paths for Holocaust Survivors and new immigrants. Over the last three years, we have built close relationships with more than 200 people. Many of them became frequent visitors to local congregations and some joined congregations. After one of the tours, a family sent their son to our children’s camp. As a result, he began attending the congregation along with his friends. The family joined their son soon afterwards. Now, the whole family is considering baptism. Praise the Lord!”

Reflections From Our
Executive Director

Why would an Arab pastor ask The Joshua Fund to send his congregation Jewish holiday gifts? As part of our humanitarian outreach in Israel, we make available special holiday gift packs (at Passover and Sukkot for Jewish food recipients, and at Christmas and Easter for Arab recipients). Earlier this year, one of our Distribution Centers (DCs) operated by Arab believers requested Jewish holiday gifts. Each month, they visit and take food to needy people from different religious backgrounds. They wanted gifts that truly ministered to their Jewish neighbors. Their plan worked, as many Jewish families were deeply touched and marveled that Arab believers were blessing them in such a beautiful way. “People are seeing unconditional love,” an Arab partner explains. “In the midst of this Arab-Jewish conflict, we want to say…that we love you, we pray for you.” Thank you for helping us enable Hebrew, Arabic and Russian-speaking congregations to show God’s love and provide food packs each month to nearly 3,000 needy families in Israel.

Through your gifts and prayers and in key partnership with the body of believers, the Joshua Fund has been able to provide funding and/or assistance over the past year for the following projects in Israel and in the neighboring nations.

Showing God’s Love
To The Poor & Needy



  • Non-perishable food packs are provided monthly to nearly 3,000 needy families through 17 Distribution Centers operated by local congregations and ministries,
  • Support and counseling for single mothers with newborn babies and needy Israeli women,
  • Jewish holiday celebrations and evangelistic bus tours of Israel for Holocaust survivors and others,
  • Legal support for those believers who are discriminated against, denied citizenship or persecuted because of their faith,
  • Provided English language children’s Bibles among unbelieving Arabic Speakers in the West Bank,
  • Enabled local congregations to stand with believers who are in dire financial need,
  • A Mother’s Day evangelistic event for Arab women in the Galilee region.


  • Helping local churches offer spiritual care via Bible studies, discipleship and physical care for over 400 Iraqi and Syrian refugee families, who fled their homes to escape terrorism,
  • Humanitarian relief, trauma counseling and medical aid to Iraqi, Arab, Nubian and Yazidi communities,
  • Women’s conferences, discipleship programs, Bible teaching and fellowship for women marginalized by violence in the Epicenter.

Showing God's Love
By Equipping and Encouraging



  • Distribution of Hebrew, Arabic and Russian language audio Bibles,
  • Retreats and conferences that provided Bible study and encouragement for Jewish/Arab pastors and ministry leaders, young people and underprivileged segments of the body of believers,
  • Undergirded the production and staff support for key Hebrew and Arabic evangelistic videos,
  • Media efforts using compelling personal testimonies from Arabic speakers in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza,
  • Gathering of Jewish and Arab believing youth to encourage the study of the Word of God and worship,
  • Support and national training for evangelistic work among both Jews and Arabs,
  • Educational support for training and equipping young Israeli believers to attend Bible school,
  • Arabic language Bible teaching radio broadcasts into the West Bank.


  • Supported trusted Christian ministry workers throughout the Epicenter, including Lebanon, Jordan, northern Iraq, Egypt and Syria,
  • Funded thousands of Bibles that were distributed by ministry partners,
  • Supported Christian coffee shops/bookstores,
  • upported pastors, church leaders and evangelists in the war-ravaged nation of Syria.

Showing God’s Love
By Educating & Mobilizing

  • Messages from our Founder, Joel C. Rosenberg, posted on JoshuaFund.com and social media to help Christians around the world better understand what the Bible teaches about God’s heart and plan for Israel and the Neighboring Nations.
  • Informing believers through prayer updates from our Founder on JoshuaFund.com and social media on how to intercede for believers enduring persecution in the Epicenter.
  • Newsletters highlighting answered prayers and stories of how God is moving in the Epicenter.
  • Preparations for the 2018 Vision Tour of the Holy Land and Epicenter Prayer Summit July 11-12, 2018. For more information visit joshuafund.com or call 855.856.7482

The 2017 Epicenter Conference was entitled What Does The Future Hold For Israel And Her Neighbors? This two-day conference allowed attendees to hear firsthand from Jewish, Arab and Palestinian pastors and ministry leaders on how the Gospel is advancing and is uniquely being shared in Israel and in the Neighboring Nations. The video messages are available on epicenterconference.com.

“On this stage is an amazing picture of unity in Christ; the enmity that was between us is gone. Pray for unity in the Land.”

Showing God's Love to the Neighbors

As the headline news reports the latest death toll from civil wars, extremist bombings and catastrophic natural disasters, the world around us can seem discouraging and hopeless. And yet amidst all the senseless destruction, the love of God is not dissuaded. Whether in an overcrowded, desperate refugee camp, a remote village, or a prominent local mosque, many are being transferred from death to life in the Middle East. Those who are thrown out of their community, their home, and even their own families are finding a new, eternal home in the family of God where the love of Christ reigns supreme.

Showing God’s Love
By Meeting Their Needs


“Hungry. This is the best word to describe the vast number of internationally displaced people in Kurdistan. The refugee camps are full of needs, however, the physical desire for food is only part of what they crave. The spiritual hunger is being realized by those that have lost their homes, their belongings, their livelihood and for many, family members. But in the midst of their great hunger, many of them are ‘tasting and seeing that the Lord is good’ when they receive an audio Bible and hear the Word of God for the first time. As ministry workers come alongside them, showing God’s love firsthand by offering food, clothing, prayer and a Bible, we see true love in action. We know faith comes by hearing the Word of God, and love is displayed in acts of kindness.”

“Jesus said in John 4:35, ‘Do you not say, There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.’ This Scripture came to mind as I surveyed the empty land before me, pregnant with possibilities for ministry. The surrounding towns and villages so white for harvest, were cleared and ready for a move of God’s Spirit. Lifting our hearts and hands to the sky, I prayed with a fellow believer that God would rain down on these people producing an abundant harvest for His glory. Even now, many are indeed coming to know the Lord of the Harvest personally, their lives are transformed. As they commit their hearts to Christ, would you pray for them to stand strong in the midst of persecution?”

Reflections From
Our Founder

“Many in the Epicenter are being shaken as perhaps never before in human history. Churches have been bombed and set ablaze, and many Christians have been captured, enslaved, tortured, and even killed for their faith.

Yet even amidst such darkness, we can rejoice because the Holy Spirit is on the move. News of Christian persecution in the Middle East has unleashed a great movement of prayer. Millions of Arabs and Muslims are now hearing the Gospel message in their own language – just as remarkable, many are considering the claims of Jesus for the first time in their lives.

The Joshua Fund is called to bless Israel and her Neighbors; the Lord has specifically called us to not only strengthen, encourage and invest in God’s work in Israel. We are also called to strengthen the Church to fulfill the Great Commission among Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, and Egyptians. Despite such darkness in the region, we are encouraged. The Lord Jesus Christ is building His Church, and He is refusing to allow the gates of Hell to prevail against it, just as He promised.” (Matthew 16:18)

“Living in one of the most dangerous cities in the Middle East left little room for compromise. Regardless of the cost, Peter, his name was changed for security purposes, had such a burning passion for his community to know Jesus that he shared his faith everywhere with an unrestricted boldness. After leaving home one morning, he returned back to his wife’s side to ask if she needed anything. Somehow she knew in that moment, she would never again see him alive. Three days passed before word finally came to the family that Peter had been shot nine times by religious fanatics and his body left dead in a sand pile on the outskirts of town. His wife shared that a few weeks earlier Peter had been warned ‘we know you have come to be a fisher of men but we will become hunters of your life.’ He left his family with no money, no property, no cars and no cash. However, the one thing that remained as his legacy was his well-read, tattered Bible, full of underlined and highlighted texts. A man of the Word who took his calling to evangelize the lost seriously and was counted worthy to die for Christ. Today Peter’s wife carries on her husband’s passion for the lost, standing as a bedrock of the local church, reaching out to those in need with material goods and the Word.”

Showing God’s Love
To The Lost & Hurting


“Michael, his name changed for security purposes, thought his work among the refugees was simply ‘showing the love of Jesus’ to the lost and hurting. Coming from a deeply religious Islamic background himself, he worked with a zeal for the Lord among the refugee population knowing that the miracle of deliverance that happened in his life could occur in others. However, the refugee population the Lord called him to was comprised of a group that hated, abused and tortured many of Michael’s own people. How could he show the love of Christ to those in which his own countrymen had suffered so much pain? But God transformed Michael’s heart by placing in him a love that is on display as he and his team serve, visit and care for hundreds of refugee families living in the poorest of conditions. Today, Michael is leading a new fellowship in a radically religious area - a group that was formed out of the love of God that was shown to them through one of His many servants, Michael.”

“Ministering the love of God to the Nubian communities of southern Egypt is much like planting palm trees that can survive and flourish in deserts, it takes years to enjoy their sweet fruit. We ask the Lord to give us patience, to allow time for the seeds of the Word to go deep into the soil, to germinate, and in time fruit will surely come. By His grace, we will remain as long as the Lord allows it, to the day when heaven and earth will rejoice with the first fruits.”

Showing God’s Love
By Offering Forgiveness


“‘The Christians of Egypt are being slaughtered inside their churches again.’ These were the opening words of an email just after an Easter week service explosion that took the lives of many. Blasts rocked churches in both Tanta and Alexandria as suicide bombers took their own lives and those of almost 50 other people attending the service. The once joyful singing was replaced with a horrific scene of screaming and pain. Although this targeting of minority Christians is nothing short of hate-filled, God continues to move in men’s hearts, drawing them in with His love. A stunned nation witnessed first-hand the love of God as one of the family members of a victim declared her forgiveness through Jesus to those who perpetrated these horrific attacks in a nationally televised interview. Replacing hate with love, as only the Lord can do.”

Reflections From Our
Executive Director

Helping those who serve Syrian refugees, providing Arabic audio Bibles to help churches reach out to their friends and neighbors, sponsoring conferences that honor women in cultures where they are often neglected, encouraging and caring for pastors in war-torn nations – this is just some of the work to which God has called The Joshua Fund in the Epicenter. We are privileged to encourage and equip men and women who passionately reflect God’s love and character, often despite threats of persecution, torture, imprisonment or death. Still, they faithfully teach God’s Word, minister to the poor and offer His hope to the people in their communities, most of whom come from different religious backgrounds. What a great way to demonstrate God’s love! Please join us in praying for His church in the Epicenter.

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