As we reflect on ten years of ministry in the Epicenter, The Joshua Fund® stands in awe of God’s blessings and provisions. We are overwhelmed by the generosity and devotion of thousands of people who regularly pray and partner with The Joshua Fund. We trust this year’s Donor Report will be an encouragement as you learn about the work in the Epicenter and that these testimonies and stories would strengthen your prayer life and your faith. We invite you to step into the story of the work of The Joshua Fund and to join us in declaring: Our God is Faithful!

/ PSALM 105:1-3 /

A Message From
Our Founder


It is nothing short of astonishing to look back and see God’s faithfulness. Just over ten years ago, a small group of us gathered in our home in Northern Virginia to create The Joshua Fund. We wanted to help the church bring the hope and the light of our Lord Jesus Christ to every Jew, every Arab and every other person living in Israel, to care for the poor and vulnerable, and to strengthen the Church in the Epicenter as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

We had no idea at the time how much we would see God do. Amidst multiple regional wars, the Arab Spring, coups and even genocide, the Lord has proven Himself faithful time and time again. He led us to trusted pastors in the region in whom we could invest, pray for and encourage. He showed us how to come alongside His remnant, even in the most difficult of places, and help “strengthen what remains” (Revelation 3:2). He continues demonstrating that He really is building His church and the gates of Hell truly shall not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). He has opened incredible doors, forged relationships and revealed unique ministry opportunities providing us with key allies and the financial resources to advance His kingdom far beyond what we ever had faith for at the beginning.

In this year’s Donor Report, we are thrilled to share testimonies of God’s faithfulness with you from those serving in the fields of ministry in the Epicenter, and those whose lives are being saved and transformed by the power of the Word. We pray you are blessed and encouraged as you, our partners in this work, share in the joy of what the Lord is doing through The Joshua Fund to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3. As we move forward into the myriad of unknowns in the next ten years, let us together keep clinging to what we know for certain: God is faithful, and He deeply loves Israel and her neighbors more than we ever could. May He alone be glorified!


Joel C. Rosenberg

Founder and Chairman

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Many among the Body of Christ in Israel are reporting a wonderful increase in both the degree of openness to hearing and learning about Jesus, as well as in the number of those who are coming to saving faith in the Messiah. It has been a long time since there has been such visible fruit being borne from all of the Lord’s efforts to reach out to the people of this region, Jew and Arab alike, with the powerful truth of the Gospel. While we work closely with ministry partners in the region to provide humanitarian relief directly to the needy and vulnerable in the Land, to young single mothers and their newborn babies and Holocaust survivors, we also provide vital encouragement and support to pastors and ministry leaders serving both Jews and Arabs in Israel and throughout the West Bank.

God Is Faithful To Provide Workers For The Harvest

"We have witnessed God’s faithfulness as we pray for new staff – the right people for the right roles. My heart rejoices as I watch the younger members of our team taking responsibility, working on projects and doing it all with joy. This is a sign of God’s faithfulness in causing the body of the Messiah in Israel to grow and mature. It encourages me to see God’s faithfulness as we watch young people who have felt led by God to take important roles in the team.”

God is faithful to do more than we could ask or think

Almost eight years ago I started this ministry with one student. Today, we have a team working together and over 90 students. Every month, I am so happy when I see that we can pay the salaries of our team. We have no idea where the money keeps coming from, but God keeps opening up doors for us. I truly believe that when God gives a vision, He will provide the people and the support required. It’s not just the support that amazes us, it’s the people that God continues to bring to us who need Jesus, who need the Gospel to bring healing into their lives.”

God is faithful to accomplish His purposes in His way

“God really works in amazing ways. Only through God we can really put together in one classroom Jews and Arabs to study the Scriptures together as one. It is a challenging decision to make since everything around us goes against it [serving Jewish and Arab believers at the same time]. It is just encouraging to see that this is not the work of our hands, but of God’s hand.”

God is faithful to provide all that is needed for His work

“We rejoice as we see God’s faithfulness in financial provision. This is something that we have seen since the very inception of the ministry and this year was no exception. We have seen the Lord so often supply when the river seemed to run dry. This has not been without its struggles (oh me of little faith!), but this year again we have seen things get to a point when we are seeing the final drops of whatever finances are there when God has again shown His faithfulness and the river flows. Praise God.”

“I count it a privilege to serve Jesus with The Joshua Fund. As I consider the extent to which TJF is blessing those in the Epicenter, I am reminded of the words of Jesus in Mark 9:41. Whatever our role, whether we are on the ground enriching pastors and their wives in the Epicenter, a donor giving our resources as unto Jesus, or a prayer warrior standing in the gap from a distance, He takes note of all that we do for Him, and we will all be rewarded equally by our gracious God.”

“I see a tremendous openness to the Gospel message among my people, the Jewish people, in Israel and around the world that may very well be unprecedented since Jesus and the Apostles themselves were preaching and teaching in the First Century. It’s not that every Jewish person who hears the Gospel is receiving the message and trusting in Jesus as Messiah, but so many more Jewish people are open to listening to the Gospel message. Many are asking questions about Jesus, searching for answers on the Internet, and watching online video testimonies of Jewish people explaining how they came to faith in Jesus. They’re curious about reading the New Testament, and some are stunned to learn that Jesus is Jewish, that His mother and earthly father were Jewish, that He lived and ministered to Jews in Israel, that He came to ‘the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’ And they want to learn more.

That’s why the work of The Joshua Fund is so important at this extraordinary moment in history. Similar to a venture capital fund, we come alongside small but growing and promising congregations and ministries and we invest in them – with encouragement, with prayer, and, when appropriate, with financial resources. Why? So they can sow more seeds, and bear more fruit, and prepare the way for the Lord’s return. That’s why we count it such a joy and honor to invest in these ministries.”

God is faithful to touch people with His love

“It is very encouraging to see God’s hand in reaching people, especially young people, through the internet, a place where one can easily get lost. With God’s help, we can bring life to such a dead environment. And this is really what constantly encourages us, to see God’s hand touching people and impossible situations as we give thanks over and over again to the Lord for his wondrous work!”

God is faithful to call His children to Himself

“I am 23 and grew up in a Jewish Orthodox family. My stepfather is part of an extreme religious group in Judaism, and they sent me to an Orthodox boarding school in Israel. I asked once about Yeshua [Jesus] and was told to never ask about Him again. I slowly became secular. Just a year ago, Yeshua came back to my thoughts. I decided to return to a religious seminary and I spoke with the rabbis about Yeshua, and they convinced me that he was not the Messiah. I couldn’t connect with what they were teaching, it did not have the ring of truth, so I left school and became secular once again. Then all of a sudden, Yeshua once again came to mind. I knew that it was not me chasing Yeshua, but Yeshua was pursuing me, wanting me for Himself. Because of all the fears that I grew up with, I was afraid so I decided to ask Him, ‘If you are real, help me.’ Then, I came across videos about Yeshua on the internet and they helped me understand. I started reading the New Testament and found out how godly this book is and how far modern Judaism is from Moses’s Bible. How could they tell me Yeshua was anti-Semitic? My family is religious, so I’m believing in secret.”


Please pray for this young woman, that she will grow in her knowledge of the Lord and receive courage from Him!

God is faithful to bless children and families with His love

“The little kids ran to greet us when we visited some of the neighbors in need in our community to deliver food and relief supplies. One of the kids shouted, ‘The chocolate came!’ with so much joy. A treat we enjoy often in our daily lives was considered a great gift by these children, and they thank God that He sent us to them. This touched our hearts, left us speechless, and made us weep.”

Often when I consider Christ’s compassion, I think about volunteers at Distribution Centers operated by Arab and Jewish believers in Israel. These volunteers faithfully deliver food packs donated by The Joshua Fund each month to the poor and elderly in their communities. Most of the recipients are so grateful – not just for the food – but for the willingness of these volunteers to sit down, share a conversation over a cup of coffee, and offer prayer and encouragement without asking anything in return. And I can’t help but think that if Jesus were living in Israel today, He may have been doing the same thing in much the same way.

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Year In Review

Through your gifts and prayers and in key partnership with the body of Believers, The Joshua Fund has been able to provide funding and/or assistance over the past year for the following projects in Israel and in the Neighboring Countries.

God is faithful to provide for poor and needy Jewish and Arab families in the Epicenter



  • Non-perishable food packs are provided monthly to more than 3,200 needy families through 16 distribution centers operated by local congregations and ministries,
  • Support and counseling for single mothers with newborn babies and needy Israeli women,
  • Jewish holiday celebrations and evangelistic bus tours of Israel for Holocaust survivors and others,
  • Legal support for those believers who are discriminated against, denied citizenship or persecuted because of their faith,
  • Christmas outreach events for Arab men and women in 2015,
  • Enabling local congregations to stand with believers who are in dire financial need,
  • A Mother’s Day evangelistic event for Arab women in the Galilee region.

Neighboring countries

  • Helping local churches offer spiritual care (via Bible studies and discipleship) and physical care for 300 Iraqi and 300 Syrian refugee families, who fled their homes to escape terrorism,
  • Humanitarian relief, trauma counseling and medical aid to Iraqi, Arab, Nubian and Yazidi communities,
  • Women’s conferences, discipleship programs, Bible teaching and fellowship for women marginalized by violence in the Epicenter,
  • Life-saving heart surgeries in Israel for nearly 20 children – all from Arab families who live in neighboring nations,
  • Radio Bible teaching broadcasts in Iraq.

God is faithful to equip and encourage the body of Christ in the Epicenter



  • Distribution of Hebrew, Arabic and Russian language audio Bibles,
  • Support and encouragement for an online Bible college curriculum to help ministry leaders,
  • Retreats and conferences that provided Bible study and encouragement for Jewish/Arab pastors and ministry leaders, young people and underprivileged segments of the body of believers,
  • Ongoing ministry efforts in Arab villages throughout Israel, including efforts to connect with Bedouin communities.
  • One-on-one meetings encouraging many believers to answer the Lord’s calling by stepping into, or staying in, active, full-time ministry,
  • Undergirded the production and staff support for key evangelistic videos in Hebrew and Arabic,
  • Pastoral encouragement, vision development and discipleship for several congregational leaders in Israel with their close friends in the US.

Neighboring countries

  • Supported trusted Christian ministry workers throughout the Epicenter, including Lebanon, Jordan, northern Iraq, Egypt and Syria,
  • Retreats and conferences for pastors and ministry leaders,
  • Funded thousands of Bibles that were distributed by ministry partners,
  • Supported Christian coffee shops/bookstores, including one serving refugees along the Syrian border,
  • Discipleship training for approximately 3,000 young men and women in Egypt over a three-year period,
  • Funded inductive Bible study and discipleship training for youth leaders.


Distribution Centers Operated By Local Ministries & Churches



God is faithful to educate and mobilize Christians to bless Israel and her Neighbors in the name of Jesus



  • Messages from our Founder, Joel C. Rosenberg, posted on and social media to help Christians around the world better understand what the Bible teaches about God’s heart and plan for Israel and the surrounding nations,
  • Informing believers through prayer updates from our Founder on and social media and how to intercede for Believers enduring persecution in the Epicenter,
  • Newsletters highlighting answered prayers and stories of how God is moving in the Epicenter.


Amidst war and terrorism, some of our ministry partners serving in the Middle East are, by God’s grace, seeing a growing and unprecedented hunger for the Gospel among many Muslims. So for The Joshua Fund, a top priority as we serve in the neighboring nations is to provide vital encouragement and support to evangelical pastors and ministry leaders in the region who are faithfully preaching and teaching, making disciples, and caring for the needy. While some partners provide food, clothing and emotional support to Iraqi and Syrian refugee families, others are broadcasting the Gospel and Bible teaching over the radio and distributing audio Bibles on MP3s. One even operates a school where displaced children can continue their education to help their families find a sense of community and learn about Jesus.

God Is Always Fair. He Will Remember How You Helped His People In The Past And How You Are Still Helping Them. You Belong To God, And He Won’t Forget The Love You Have Shown His People.
/ HEBREWS 6:10 /

God is faithful to care for the needy and the displaced

“One young, devout Muslim woman fled Syria seeking a safe place for her two daughters, mother and two sisters after her husband was killed in the war. Our teams met her when they learned they didn’t have food to feed her family and began to provide for their needs. One of her daughters accepted the invitation to attend the school and there she learned about Jesus and His character, and began to read the Bible. After attending the school for three months, she began asking questions about Jesus and accepted Him as Savior. When she went home and told her mother that she wanted to forgive the people that made them move from their home in Syria, the young woman saw the remarkable change in her daughter’s character and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Through the transforming love of Jesus Christ, now the young mother, her daughters, her mother and sisters have accepted Jesus Christ through the testimony of one small girl who heard and shared the truth of the Gospel.

As this family continues to grow in their faith, it is the transformation of their character–becoming forgiving, honest, and trustworthy–that is connecting with other neighboring Muslim families. The family that lives in the tent next door asked if their children could attend the school because of the positive character traits they see developing in their neighbor’s children.”

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
/ Romans 8:38-39 /

What excites me is that amidst the worst persecution in the modern history of the Church, we are seeing the greatest harvest of souls in the Muslim world in the history of the Church. From 1960 to 2010, the number of Muslims that have converted to faith in Jesus Christ has grown from fewer than 200,000 to some 10 million people. This was the conclusion of a ground-breaking peer-reviewed article published in 2015 by two respected Christian scholars, Dr. Duane Alexander Miller and Patrick Johnstone.

Now, in a world of 1.6 billion Muslims, 10 million conversions may appear to be a small percentage, but remember in nearly fourteen centuries of Islam, there were almost no conversions to Christ – some, but not many. Today, we are seeing unprecedented numbers of Muslims searching for hope via satellite TV, radio and the Internet. Some are reading the Bible and examining the claims of Christ for the first time. Others are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus. And they are coming to faith in numbers we’ve never seen before. That’s why I see it as so important for The Joshua Fund to invest in Arab pastors and ministry leaders, to encourage and refresh them, to help them make disciples and train and equip new believers, and develop young leaders.

God is faithful to touch a hurting heart

“One Syrian refugee family settled in Jordan and we were providing food for their daily needs. This man, Makmoud, was the most intimidating man I have ever met. I was threatened by his very presence each time I visited their home to drop off their food package. I kept thinking that if he had a weapon, I would have been dead. Makmoud would not look at me, but his wife would accept the package. It was the same each time I visited, the same looks and intimidation, but they accepted the food delivery. After three weeks, his wife fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg. Makmoud called me and said, “You’re my only friend in life.” So a relationship began. We paid for two surgeries for his wife, and when they came to thank us for the funds provided for her medical procedures, we gave them a Bible and shared with them about the Lord. They both gave their hearts to Jesus Christ that day. Later they asked us, “We don’t have any money, but we’re reading in the New Testament about giving. Is Jesus okay with us giving some of the clothes and food we’ve been given?” They went from fearful and intimidating to radiant.”



I have certainly appreciated the Joshua Fund’s commitment to the local congregations and the desire to strengthen followers of Jesus Christ in the Epicenter. Having participated in several conferences, I have seen first-hand the help and encouragement provided to the pastors and ministry leaders in the land. So many have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to get away and spend some time in the Word of God and with other leaders with no other agenda than to seek God and be refreshed. Those attending the conferences come from diverse cultural and church backgrounds and the love and fellowship that is shared one to another has truly been a blessing. I have been reminded of the words of Jesus as He sent out His disciples, “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) The generous and “no strings attached” approach has borne tremendous fruit.

God is faithful to call shepherds to care for His people

“How can we come alongside Believers in the Middle East? How can we support and pray for these men and women that are heroes of the faith? Their stories read straight from the book of Hebrews and Acts – to be so joyful in the midst of difficulty that we cannot even imagine. We should not forget how much they suffer. When we go to visit them, we sit at their feet and listen. They all suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from being around so much suffering and death. One man said 7,000 young men were killed in his city alone. The stories are from the pit of hell, and living through this much death and destruction is so difficult for them. We can encourage them, pray for them and let them know they are not alone. Most people are shocked when they learn that there are Christians still living in Syria, let alone pastors. By caring and encouraging Syrian pastors, it helps keep the light burning in the darkness.”


Please be praying for thousands in the Middle East suffering from trauma and PTSD as a result of the tumultuous and difficult experience of living in war-torn areas and being driven from their homes into refugee circumstances.

"Don’t pray for our safety, pray that we’ll complete the mission that God’s given us and that we’ll be bold, that we will not shrink back."

What a privilege it is to watch God work among Israel’s neighbors, to connect with and encourage pastors, ministry leaders and their families who choose to stay and share Christ’s love in a hostile and often dangerous environment. In addition to leading their congregations, many pastors are also tirelessly caring for refugees who have been displaced from their homes. Yet they continue to faithfully teach the Scriptures and serve the poor and needy. They typically do not ask for anything except more audio Bibles, so they can pass God’s Word onto those who have not heard. We are grateful to work with these few men and women who remain true to His Word and His calling.

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