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Because you have partnered with us through The Joshua Fund,

we say thank you, and share some of what the Lord is doing

to bless poor and needy Jewish and Arab families in the epicenter;

equip and encourage pastors and ministry leaders in the epicenter;

and educate and mobilize Christians around the world to bless Israel

and her neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ, according to Genesis 12:1-3

A Message From Joel C. Rosenberg

Founder and President

Dear faithful friend,

Because of you – through your faithful prayers and generous financial support, the Lord has touched the lives of thousands of Jewish and Arab families in the epicenter in real and practical ways with the love of Jesus Christ. On the pages that follow, you will get a sense of the many projects you have helped to fund in 2013, and get a glimpse of the lives the Lord has blessed because of you.

By God’s grace, The Joshua Fund provided food and other relief supplies to more than 43,940 poor and needy Jewish and Arab families – an increase of more than 4% over 2012. Two new distribution centers have just opened, bringing us to a total of 14 centers distributing relief supplies throughout Israel. The Joshua Fund is prayerfully considering 2-3 new distribution centers in 2014.

To meet the growing need for food and supplies in the event of war or other crisis situations, The Joshua Fund has developed 10 highly mobile, portable distribution centers which will assist in the deployment of food and other life-sustaining supplies to communities affected by a crisis, be it war or natural disasters such as the recent earthquakes in northern Israel.

In an answer to prayer, the Lord has provided the opportunity to minister His comfort to the war-torn nation of Syria and millions of the country’s refugees. Because of you – we have funded relief efforts among the internally displaced people inside Syria and assisted refugees; including relocating families to safe environments and assisting in the procurement of a warehouse in the epicenter to increase the capacity to provide food, blankets and household necessities to these displaced families.

Always with a heart to bless believers in the epicenter, we have organized and hosted Bible conferences, as well as provided ministry support for pastors in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. We have planned and funded retreats for pastors and ministry leaders, and provided biblical teaching, encouragement and refreshment for those serving throughout the epicenter region.

This is the work of The Joshua Fund – to bless poor and needy Jewish and Arab families in the epicenter; equip and encourage pastors and ministry leaders in the epicenter; and educate and mobilize Christians around the world to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ. On behalf of The Joshua Fund’s board and staff, thank you for making a difference in the lives of people living throughout the epicenter during this critical time. We pray as you read through the ministry works in this report that your heart is encouraged by all the Lord is doing. We sincerely appreciate the trust you have placed in our stewardship of your gifts and count it a great privilege to do this work with you, to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Joel C. Rosenberg

Founder and President

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

always in every prayer of mine

making request for you all with joy.

Philippians 1:3-4

Poor and Needy Jewish and Arab Families

in the epicenter are being blessed


Families Served Monthly*

The Joshua Fund has provided funding and assistance in 2013 for the following projects:

  • Established monthly deliveries for 14 aid distribution centers in Israel that serve approximately 3,662 families each month.
  • Ongoing preparations for war and other crisis situations, including stockpiling of food, water and other humanitarian relief supplies to be provided to the poor and needy, as well as those devastated during crisis situations.
  • Assisted Holocaust survivors in the areas of dental work, hearing equipment, necessary medications, prosthetic walking equipment and some minor housing repairs.
  • Summer camp held in Turkey for believing children that come from Muslim background families in the epicenter region.
  • Support and counseling for single mothers with newborn babies and needy Israeli women.
  • Legal support for those in Israel who are being discriminated against, denied citizenship or persecuted because of their faith.
  • Surgeries performed for over 25 desperately ill children from neighboring countries and territories.
  • Acquired a van that provided transportation for Arab and Northern Iraqi children that needed heart surgeries in Israel.
  • A Passover holiday celebration and distribution of clothing to IDF Soldiers.
  • Ongoing operations for a soup kitchen that helps those in need in Israel.
  • A retreat for Holocaust survivors that included accommodations, transportation, meals and Bible study encouragement.
  • Assisted Syrian refugees in relocating to a safe environment, including moving expenses, food costs, storage and distribution and children’s programs.
  • Daily operations for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Israel.
  • A retreat for members of the military to enjoy a time of rest and refreshment.
  • Assisted in the purchase of a warehouse facility to increase the capacity to provide humanitarian aid to the poor, needy and displaced people in the epicenter.
  • Holiday celebrations for over 450 Holocaust survivors including dinner, transportation and a musical concert.
  • Obtained household items for those who have recently made Aliyah - Jewish individuals and families relocating back to the Land of Israel and establishing new households, according to Bible prophecies such as Isaiah 49:22.


photo-family photo-boys-walking
photo-helping_needy_families photo-warehouse_supplies photo-distribution-center

Pastors and ministry leaders

in the epicenter are being equipped

and encouraged

The Joshua Fund has provided funding and assistance in 2013 for the following projects:

  • Supported numerous congregations, community events, prison visitation ministries, radio ministries, and other ministry efforts in Israel.
  • Supported Christian ministry workers throughout neighboring countries in the epicenter, including Lebanon, Jordan, Northern Iraq, Egypt and Syria.
  • Ongoing ministry efforts in Arab villages throughout Israel.
  • Held retreats and conferences for pastors and ministry leaders that provided biblical teaching and encouragement for those serving in the epicenter region.
  • Various ministry efforts were served in the epicenter, including the operation of Christian coffee shops/bookstores.
  • A vehicle that provides transportation for Christian ministries in the West Bank.
  • Purchase of video production equipment, printed materials, and broadcast efforts throughout Egypt and Northern Iraq.
  • A biblical conference in Jerusalem and coordinated events throughout the local community.
  • Salaries for faculty and administrative staff and Bible program development at a Bible college in Israel.
  • Sent Jordanian young people to summer camp, including lodging, meals, study materials and transportation.
  • A facility and educational equipment for congregations in Northern Iraq.
  • Distribution of Russian/Hebrew Bibles to ministry leaders in Israel and developed an interactive, multi-language Bible website.
  • Completion of post production work and Arabic translation for a video project.
  • Provided a Bible college’s bomb shelter with an air filtration system and sealed doors.
  • Relocation of a ministry worker and his family from Iraq to a safe environment.
  • Several radio stations broadcasting Bible teaching into various regions of the epicenter every weekday.
  • Translation of materials into Hebrew and printed various ministry resources.
  • Publication of ministry materials that were distributed primarily among ministry leaders in Arab speaking countries in the epicenter.
  • Several Christmas outreach events to be held around Israel for Arab Muslim men, women and children.
photo-educating_mobilizing photo-educating_arab-couple photo-warehouse_tour

Christians around the world are being

educated and mobilized to bless Israel and

her neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ,

according to Genesis 12:1-3




The Joshua Fund seeks to educate and mobilize Christians with the following projects:

  • The 2013 Epicenter Conference was held in Jerusalem with The Joshua Fund President Joel C. Rosenberg, Pastor Joe Focht, Dr. Erez Soref, Shmuel Aweida and Hanna Shahin. The conference topic was “The Power of the Word,” which explored how God’s Word will transform individuals, leaders and nations by studying the lives of Ezra, Nehemiah, King Josiah and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Led over 200 participants on The Joshua Fund “Holy Land Tour.” Included in the tour were several service projects that blessed over 1,190 poor and needy Israeli and Arab families with household and food items.
  • Posted The Joshua Fund President Joel C. Rosenberg’s messages on His Channel On Demand. His Channel is a 24-hour web-based Christian television network.
photo-epicenter-panel photo-israel-tour

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of our expenses went directly to our ministry programs

As always, we do our best to keep you up-to-date on the kinds of projects we are doing, and brief you on how those projects are proceeding. In no way do we want to pressure anyone to give financially. We fully believe the Lord will provide for the needs of the people we seek to serve. But if you or others wish to help, we gratefully welcome your support. All financial gifts are tax-deductible in the USA. The Joshua Fund is a member of the ECFA, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. If you would like to make a contribution to the ongoing work of The Joshua Fund, donate online or make your check payable to ”The Joshua Fund” and mail to the address provided.


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* Totals are estimates. Some of the pictures contained are for illustrative purposes only to represent culture and regions served.

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